Sundek of PA Declared 2014 Dealer of the Year

In the annual Sundek convention, Sundek of PA emerged as Dealer of the Year from a distinguished pool of nominees. This award is given to a dealer singled out for their significant and enduring dedication to the company’s standard for quality service and customer satisfaction.

In the awarding ceremony held at the Sundek Convention in Hilton Worth, Texas last February, Joe Primavera, Sundek Vice President of Marketing, introduced the award as such: an ultimate reward for the Sundek dealer.

“This is the ultimate reward for the Sundek dealer. There are Sundek dealers across the country that work tireless hours to nurture their companies to achieve greatness. They touch the lives of their employees and their families. And when they are able to reach that level, they touch ours, too. It’s given to the Sundek dealer who took the marketplace available to them and stretched it to limits not thought possible. It is given to the best among the best,” Mr. Primavera shared.

Sundek of PA was also bestowed three other awards in the event: two bronze awards for Classic and SunStone jobs, and the 2014 Largest Volume Increase Award. Mike Foreman, Sundek of PA President, received the awards in the ceremony graced by Sundek officials and other Sundek dealers from other states of the country.

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