3 Things to Keep in Mind in Maintaining a Concrete Driveway

concrete drivewayMany people choose a concrete driveway because it does not require much maintenance. It can last and be in a good condition for several years even if you do not maintain it regularly. However, maintenance is the key to keeping it in its finest condition. Aside from regular cleaning, there are three things to keep in mind.

Cracks and Sealers

Reapplying sealer will make your driveway look good all the time. Make sure that you have a sealer for concrete structures. You can get one from a hardware store or a supplier of concrete materials and accessories. You will need it at least every other year. You will need to apply sealer more often if it gets high traffic. Harsh weather can also damage the old seals of your driveway. Additionally, Repair a crack as soon as you see it to avoid further damage.


Some de-icers have ammonium sulphates and ammonium nitrates. You may be tempted to use such in winter. However, these chemical compounds can damage the chemical substances of a concrete driveway especially if it is new. You can use sand if your only problem is the tires’ grip on a snowy driveway. You may also choose de-icers with calcium chloride instead of ammonium compounds if there are no metals nearby.

Oils Spills and Stains

Avoid using your driveway if you need to change your vehicle’s oil. There is always the risk of spilling some oil that may cause stain. If your driveway already has stain (that makes it look awful), use an absorbent product and clean with water and soap. Once a year, have the driveway pressure washed to get rid of stains that soap cannot remove. Pressure washing also helps discoloration of driveways.

A concrete driveway is a wise choice if you hate big maintenance tasks. Just make sure you reapply sealers every other year, avoid using ammonia-based de-icers and dodge the use of driveway for changing oils as spills may cause stains that are hard to remove.