5 Ways to Prepare the Pool for Guests this Summer

Summer is fast approaching and you know it’s the perfect time for entertaining guests at the pool. But is your pool ready? Go out and give it a quick inspection using this list as a guide.

pool deck resurfacing philadelphiaPool Deck Resurfacing

Is the pool deck in good condition? Nothing is more annoying than having to walk on an ugly and damaged deck before reaching the pool. You would not want your guests to feel that way, too. The solution? Pool deck resurfacing. Decorative concrete overlays or coatings can be installed on the pool deck to cover up damage and improve the overall appearance. Also, resurfacing enhances the slip-resistance and heat reflectivity of a pool deck, making it a safer and cooler surface to walk on.

pool deck furnitureComfortable Furniture

Is your outdoor furniture made for lounging? More often than not, you bare skin when you are out on the pool and it would just be right to lounge on chairs that are comfortable enough to your skin and the entire body as well. Forget about stainless steel chairs or anything that is hard and uncomfortable. Opt for cushioned chairs made of waterproof fabric for ultra-comfortable lounging and relaxation by the pool.


pool expertsPool Water Cleanup

The pool water must be clean and chemically-balanced at all times. Hire a pool expert to take care of removing dirt and debris in the water. If needed, let them drain the pool and replace all the water. These pool experts will also test the pH of the water and add chemicals that will balance it all out.


pool coolersCool Drinks

The heat of the summer can be quite overwhelming and it is important to have drinks available to hydrate your guests. Fill your fridge with cool drinks that are convenient enough to serve outdoors. If you have an outdoor fridge, fill it. If not, have a cooler and some ice ready for serving cool drinks outdoors.


pool toysPool Paraphernalia

Pool fun won’t be complete without the inflatables, pool noodles, swim rings, and other stuff that make swimming and dipping a lot more fun. More than fun, these also contribute to the safety of your guests while in the water, especially for kids. Make sure that yours are all in working condition, no holes, and no rips.



Now that your pool deck is ready, don’t forget to enjoy, relax, and bond well with your family, friends, neighbors, or whoever it is you wish to invite to your next pool party.