Advantages of Epoxy Floor: The Best Choice for Floors

Epoxy flooring is probably one of the most popular types of floor finishing that people have in their homes. It has a great shiny finish that you can hardly get from any type of floor finishing. It can be applied to both indoor and outdoor floorings. When the finish dries out after applying, your floor thereby becomes harder and more durable. The epoxy finish also serves as a protection for your flooring so it won’t get damaged easily by certain environmental factors. This is great especially for outdoor floors as it really protects your floor as it is exposed to all harmful substances from the environment.

Given that, epoxy floors may now sound very interesting and promising to you especially if you are only starting to build your own house and is looking for the perfect flooring. To give you more reasons why epoxy floors are the best floors to get, here are some of the advantages of epoxy floors that you can get from this type of flooring:

  • Resistance to any impact – epoxy floorings are extremely durable, hard and resist any kind of impact. Meaning, no amount of dropping or driving above can cause harm, cracks or splits on your flooring. Because of this characteristic, many warehouses, garages, repair and car shops use this type of flooring. You never have to worry about dropping a heavy object and cause your floor to crack and split into half as the epoxy finish will resist the impact protecting your floor from any damage.
  • Resistance to slippage – even when you have a wet or slippery environment, rest assured that no accidents due to slippery flooring will occur. Even with water and oil splattered all over your floor, epoxy flooring doesn’t make your floor slippery. It contains a water-based two part acrylic epoxy system that provides the non-slip characteristics of the floor making it the safest choice especially when you have kids around who tends to spill things everywhere that could make the floor slippery and prone to accidents.
  • Resistance to flame and heat – this characteristic of epoxy floors make I the best choice for fire exits and allow for the fire fighters more time to kill the fire before it can burn your entire house when such unfortunate circumstance arise. It can resist heat of up to 200 degrees Celsius making it the best choice for homes, warehouses and especially in factories. If you want to protect your establishment from fire, this is the best flooring to choose.
  • Resistance to water – this might be the same as the slip-resistant characteristic but being water resistant, this flooring protects your home or establishment from ground water seeping. This will also protect your floor from any kind of spills that it might encounter. Especially with chemicals, it protects the paint and doesn’t corrode your floor making it a great choice for just about any type of establishment.

These are the reasons why an epoxy floor in your home or just about anywhere is the best option. It will not just protect the paint of your floor or make it more durable but protect your entire house as well.