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Sundek Classic Texture- Ideal for Pool Deck Refinishing

pool deck refinishing Mainline, PA People who are looking to have their pool deck refinishing taken care of by a professional company can go to Sundek of PA. Our professional team will take care of any residential area pool work that needs to be done for homeowners in Mainline, PA. When in need of pool resurfacing, we are the professionals to contact.

The deck of a pool may need to be resurfaced. Although many assume that it is necessary for older pools, it can refer to newer ones as well. When we resurface a concrete, we use Sundek Classic Texture. This coating is quite amazing, and it serves a number of purposes. First, it provides homeowners with a surface that is resistant to slips. Next, the surface is ready deal with heat as compared to those that do not have this special coating. Finally, there are a variety of colors and designs that can be added to the coating. This enables people to have a distinct and vibrant look to the concrete surface of their pool. Besides this, we specialize in resealing decks if the surface needs a new application. Not only that, but we can take care of faded colors that need more vibrancy. If a surface has flakes, chips or cracks, we can address the problem and resurface the area with a beautiful overlay.

Residential homeowners are welcome  to call us with their pool deck refinishing needs. A free estimate on work we offer is available when we receive a call or when filling out the request quote form here in our website.  We would like to begin the working for you today.

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Top 5 Concrete Patio Trends

Outdoor living space is almost a necessity in most homes in various states in the country, including Philadelphia. While the humid summers would be better spent outdoors, locals need not go too far to do so. Nowadays, patios have become the place to be when spending time at home. Just like in fashion, the concrete patio resurfacing in Philadelphia trends change to meet the demands of people. Here are some of them:

Non-traditional Surfaces

Gone are the days when wood dominated the patio flooring. It is still a good material to use but it can be quite troublesome when wood-eating pests get in the picture. Today, decorative stamped concrete Philadelphia floors are becoming more and more popular. The range of options it provides gives every homeowner the opportunity to choose a design or pattern that would fully satisfy their needs and wants.

stamped concrete patio Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Sundek of PA

Extending the Indoors

One important factor in choosing furniture are those that can withstand outdoor weather. This, however, often restricts the design and material selection. Now, the selection is so wide that it’s almost like bringing the indoors outside. Patios now feature living rooms, dining areas, and even kitchens!

patio resurfacing philadelphia

Photo Credit: Sundek of PA

Multi-use Fire Features

Fire pits are a lot more preferable nowadays because of its small size and portability. To make the feature a lot more desirable, it can now be used for more things other than just for heat and illumination. The designs available can make it a focal point in any patio. Also, some innovative designers have incorporated a wooden element that, when used to cover a fire pit, turns it into a table.

stamped concrete Philadelphia

Photo Credit: Sundek of PA


Outdoor Lighting

Not only is this a safety feature, it is also one that is uber dramatic. Spending time outdoors in the hot humid nights in Philadelphia would be best enjoyed with enough lighting. LED lights are the best option because it provides a more ideal brightness at a less electricity-consuming rate.


Photo credit: Greenville LED Patio Lighting

Vertical “Food” Gardens

Imagine a stamped concrete patio Philadelphia garden with edible plants. It is a great addition to any patio especially with the sustainable options trending nowadays. If you are worried that it would eat up space, a vertical garden is the best solution. The plants are arranged on a wall or a specially-made hanging area so that the walking and sitting space are preserved. Herbs, vegetables, and fruits are highly recommended because, not only do they make the patio looks nice and colorful, they are very handy, too, when you need to whip up your special dish!

concrete patio vertical garden

Photo credit: AKADesign.CA


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5 Reasons Why Decorative Concrete is a Trend

decorative concrete overlay PhiladelphiaTrends often come and go, even in the remodeling industry. A certain material can be hot right now and then tacky the next. When property owners decide to build or remodel a home, it is common for them to look into what material is trending now. However, it is important to choose something that is not just trending for a fleeting moment but one that will remain ideal for many years to come. Decorative concrete is one such trend. Architects, building managers, and even designers have acknowledged the fact that concrete is a common material but it always has something new to offer. Many companies, such as Sundek decorative concrete, Kooldeck, and the like, have come out, each one offering their own innovative options to make concrete more desirable. Here is a breakdown of why it is an enduring and everlasting trend.


Concrete is still the same utilitarian material that we have come to know. But thanks to interior designers and artisans, it has become a highly stylish material for the home. It almost competes with more high-end materials like granite, marble, natural stone, and even wood. With concrete stamp patterns and textures, it can be designed to integrate with almost any type of theme, like Old-world European, contemporary, vintage classic, and more. There are so many options to make concrete look luxurious and expensive without compromising functionality.


Concrete can be molded, colored, and designed in so many ways. Dyes and stains are still popular methods of coloring concrete but there are other non-conventional methods like sandblasting, swirling, and directional brooming. Metallic epoxies also offer an endless array of color combinations.


The affordability of concrete is a well-known benefit. A designer once said that he is amazed at how affordable concrete is and how he can purchase an 80-pound bag and use it to create planters, tables, and more, even without power tools. It is also because of this that commercial property owners prefer decorative concrete for both outdoor and indoor flooring applications.


Concrete is as durable as time itself. It has always been a preferred material both for sub-base and topping. With proper installation, it can last several years.

Low Maintenance

While most stunning materials require tedious cleaning and maintenance, concrete does not. With proper installation and sealing, all it needs is minor sweeping and occasional mopping. The sealer keeps concrete from absorbing anything and preventing stubborn stains, making the surface easier to clean.

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Top 3 Driveway Resurfacing Options for Autumn

The myth is that you can only resurface a concrete driveway during summer and spring because of their favorable weather. However, autumn is also a great time of the year for a concrete resurfacing project. Aside from the fact that it is easier to book a concrete contractor at this time, most resurfacing coatings and overlays can be installed in this climate and temperature, such as:

Stamped Concrete Overlay

aslar stamped concrete pattern PhillyA stamped overlay is not at all temperature-sensitive. It is also an ideal overlay because it promotes better traction and grip, all thanks to the stamped patterns. The grooves from the stamping process make the driveway safer to tread on even when rain falls hard. The great thing about this overlay is that it requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, which is a huge blessing for homeowners.




Spray Knockdown Texture

commercial concrete resurfacing Philadelphia PAThis is a spray-on coating system that can be used on any outdoor surface, concrete driveways included. Instead of being poured, this coating is sprayed onto the surface before being knocked down with a trowel. The effect creates a texture that is highly slip-resistant. This coating is also not sensitive to temperature so it can be installed despite the cooler temperature associated with autumn. This comes in a wide range of colors and it can also be stained with custom shades.




Concrete Staining

stained concrete surface phillyIf you prefer a more subtle update to the concrete driveway, staining can do the job. Acid stains can bring out unique effects that can never be replicated on any other concrete surface. It creates a look similar to leather or natural stone. Water-based stains come in a wide selection of hues from earthy tones to pastels. Both can be installed in autumn and the change in weather will not affect the results it yields.  Add a sealer to  enhance the color, add a bit of shine, and help enhance grip if added with abrasives.




Driveways vary in size, length, and slope angle. If you are unsure if any of these would work on yours, consult an expert contractor so they could recommend the best option for you at this time of the year.

5 Kid-Friendly Pool Deck Ideas

Most homes nowadays have swimming pools. There are so many concrete pool deck resurfacing designs nowadays that feature stunning aesthetics and innovative concepts. However, if you have kids in the house, not just any design is enough. It is important to make the pool deck as safe and kid-friendly as it could possibly be. If you already have an existing pool deck, here some things you could do to make the pool area more enjoyable for kids:

stamped concrete pool deck philadelphiaSlip-resistant Pool Deck

Kids love to run around the pool deck in between swimming and taking dips. With wet and bare feet, it could be very dangerous. Stamped Concrete or spray-down concrete resurfacing are some of the most efficient solutions to improving slip-resistance on a pool deck. A stamped overlay or knockdown texture on concrete provides just the right texture without making the surface difficult to walk on especially with bare feet. The great thing about stamped overlays is that it comes in a variety of patterns and designs to choose from. A spray texture, on the other hand, features a stucco-like look but with a more subtle texture.

knockdown texture phialdelphiaCool Deck Surface

Concrete and most pool deck materials have the tendency to turn into really hot surfaces when exposed to sunlight for long hours. Asking kids to wear flip flops every time they need to walk around the deck can be quite challenging for parents and inconvenient for kids. Instead, hire a contractor to install a spray knockdown finish on the existing pool deck. This resurfacing material is known for its heat reflectivity. Instead of absorbing heat, a knockdown finish reflects it back, keeping the surface 30% cooler.

wading are for kidsWide Wading Area

Extend the pool deck a bit into the pool but make it about 6 or more inches deeper. This area is not only great for sunbathing, but also great for smaller kids to enjoy the pool at a safe distance from the deeper areas.



swimming pool shade for kidsAdd Some Shade

Kids can stay out in the pool area the whole day if they want to but parents fear that they would acquire terrible sunburn. Adding some shaded area gives children a place to lounge and play without getting burned under tremendous heat. You can use a big umbrella or some fabric hanging somewhere near the pool.


swimming pool towel and toy areTowel and Toy Area

Make towels and pool toys accessible for kids. When kids get out of the pool, it would be nice to have towels they can use immediately right on the pool deck. It would be a lot easier also for parents to fix pool toys because they just put it in one spot near the pool instead of into the garage or back in the house.