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5 Benefits of Choosing Concrete Overlays for Your Levittown Home

Concrete overlay wood plank finish

Concrete overlays wood plank finish

Instead of outdated rooms in your Levittown home, why not do something about them by having concrete overlays installed? After all, they offer multiple benefits that make them an outstanding choice. Along with appearance, you can transform the functionality of different surfaces.

  1. Versatility – Incredible versatility is one benefit of using concrete overlays in your Levittown Whether interested in transforming a formal dining room where you host a lot of dinner parties, a hearth room where you do a lot of entertaining, or a basement where your children play, you have multiple options. Depending on the look that you want to achieve, you could select a handcrafted custom overlay, a micro-topping, or a stamped surface, among others.
  2. Resurfacing Solution – Instead of ripping out old concrete flooring, a pool deck, or something entirely different, an expert can install concrete overlays in your Levittown Not only does that save a lot of time, but you also avoid dealing with a huge mess.
  3. Applications – Regardless of the surface that you want to change at your Levittown home, there’s a perfect solution in the form of concrete overlays. You can completely transform the appearance of countertops, floors, and the pool deck, as well as the driveway, walkway, front porch, walls, fireplace surrounds, water feature, and the list goes on.
  4. Resistance – Most concrete overlays offer excellent resistance to stains, impact, abrasion, and foot, as well as vehicle traffic. The level of resistance depends on which product you choose for your Levittown
  5. Customization – Having the ability to customize the look of your new surface is yet another benefit. Along with standard designs, a skilled installer can create an amazing masterpiece specifically for you using a product like SunAcid, among others. Adding quartz beads, masonry effects, metallic flakes, and colored glass are just a few possibilities. Aggregates are a great way to enhance appearance and produce a slip-resistant surface.

Enhance Your Philadelphia Restaurant Chain Using Decorative Coatings

Decorative coatings in a restaurant chain

Decorative coatings in a restaurant chain

A lot of restaurant owners in Philadelphia have come to appreciate the versatility of decorative coatings. If you own a chain of restaurants, you can create a different look and feel based on each location while maintaining some degree of uniformity.

Simply put, you have multiple options for decorative coatings. Instead of choosing the same product, color, pattern, or texture for your entire chain of restaurants in Philadelphia, you could go with something slightly different for each one. At the same time, you would end up with a flooring system that works with your brand and the type of cuisine served.

As an example, say you have a restaurant in the heart of downtown. With a lot of brick buildings and interior brick walls, you could transform the dining area to match. In this case, a stamped overlay is ideal. For this, a professional installer could use a standard brick pattern or customize one on your behalf to give that particular location a rustic atmosphere.

However, for another restaurant location, one closer to a residential section of Philadelphia, instead of brick, you might consider decorative coatings that mimic the appearance of wood. When combined with bold traditional Italian colors, that establishment has a homier vibe that fits in with the area perfectly.

One additional example would be a restaurant location in an upscale part of Philadelphia. For you to give your patrons a sophisticated and even luxurious experience, you want to select one of the decorative coatings that produce a rich, deep, and glossy surface. A product like SunCanvas is an excellent possibility, although there are others.

By selecting the right product and technique, you can maintain the integrity of your entire Philadelphia restaurant chain yet give each location a unique personality and character. One important thing to remember is that in addition to floors, decorative coatings are perfect for transforming additional surfaces, including walls and countertops

Decorative Concrete Pool Decks in Carlisle Don’t Have to Be Boring – Here’s Why

Decorative Concrete Pool Decks

Decorative Concrete Pool Decks

For clarification, decorative concrete pool decks at Carlisle homes look fantastic. In fact, they enhance the appearance of both the decking and the house itself. However, having an overlay installed without giving any thought to appearance, you would end up with something rather boring. Thanks to several options, you can make the pool area at your home stand out from others.

If you spend any time looking at decorative concrete pool decks, you will find several in Carlisle that look different. The reason is these homeowners chose to add color. Depending on which overlay you go with, you can select from earth tones, vibrant hues, or more sophisticated colors. Regardless of the look that you want to achieve, you have almost endless possibilities when it comes to color.

Another way that people in Carlisle enhance decorative concrete pool decks is with textures and patterns. As a prime example, if you opt to have a stamped overlay applied, the expert can create a look that perfectly resembles river rock, flagstone, brick, wood, slate, and more. In fact, an artisan can create a custom template, giving the deck a one-of-a-kind appearance. If you want to become the envy of your family and friends, this will do the trick.

It is also common to see aggregates added to decorative concrete pool decks in Carlisle. However, with so many possibilities, there is no way for your decking to look like anyone else’s. In addition to sand and pebbles, you could choose to have colored glass, quartz beads, or metallic flakes added. For even more personalization, you can determine the volume that you want broadcast around the deck.

There is a host of special effects that a skilled installer can use as well. For example, with score lines, masonry effects, and saw cuts, the overlay takes on an entirely different personality. Instead of ordinary decorative concrete pool decks like some Carlisle homeowners have, consider some of these suggestions.

Are You Tired of Ugly Floors in Your Plymouth Meeting Home? Change Things up with Stained Concrete

Stained Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete Floors

Day after day, you walk the same boring floors in your Plymouth Meeting home. Not only do they have slight surface imperfections, but also they look out of date. Why not change things with stained concrete? For this, you have two incredible options, a water-based stain and acid-based solution.

The type of stained concrete floors that you have installed in your Plymouth Meeting home depends on the look that you want to achieve. Therefore, take inventory of your home’s style, the kind of décor that you like best, and even your favorite colors. Even the specific room, as well as the way you use it, come into play when making your decision.

As an example, if you have either a designated play area or a finished basement where your kids spend a lot of time with family and friends, you want to create a fun yet safe space. For this, a water-based stain is ideal. The reason is you have an abundance of color option, many including bright and bold tones. Whether using one color or several, this is an excellent way to give an otherwise boring room personality.

On the other hand, if you have a hearth room where you spend time relaxing in front of a roaring fire, reading a book, or watching your favorite television show, the last thing you want are brightly colored floors. In this case, you could select an acid-based stain. With this, you have a selection of warmer and more homey type colors, perfect for stained concrete floors in this part of your Plymouth Meeting home.

The great thing about stained concrete floors, you can enjoy them in any area of your Plymouth Meeting home. With so many colors that yield outstanding results, you can transform your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even your foyer. Stop living with boring, or even ugly, floors, and make your life exciting with a stunning new flooring solution.

What Decorative Solution Works Best for Concrete Floors in a Carlisle Dealership?

Concrete Floors garage epoxy philadelphia

Concrete Floors for Cars

Do you own a car dealership in Carlisle, one with concrete floors that have seen better days? Then, now is the perfect time to select a decorative solution. With a steady flow of customers interested in buying vehicles, you need to stand out from your competition. At the same time, you want to provide your customers with a positive experience while making a lasting impression.

Because you have people coming and going daily, and the fact that you bring specific vehicles inside the showroom to sell, you need a flooring system that can handle a lot of use and abuse. Without question, epoxy and polyaspartic floors are an excellent choice. When using a product like SunEpoxy 100 or SunOne, you never have to worry about a thing.

Take epoxy coated concrete floors as a prime example. For your Carlisle car dealership, you can choose from a broad range of colors, textures, and patterns. A professional installer can also add aggregates for a customized look, including things like quartz, colored glass, metallic flakes, and vinyl flake. Within days, your showroom, offices, and customer waiting area transform. This slip-resistant flooring system is also ideal for reducing accidental falls on rainy or wet days.

You might consider stamped concrete floors for your dealership in Carlisle. What makes this flooring system unique is the surface looks like other materials. Ordinary floors are made to look like brick, hardwood, slate, limestone, river rock, and more. If for nothing else, potential buyers will remember your dealership specifically because of its impressive floors.

Acid-based stained concrete floors are also a great option. Although you could consider a water-based product, formulas made with acid create a one-of-a-kind marbled effect. If your goal is a sophisticated and professional space, this is the way to go. Once applied to the surface, the acid reacts to chemicals in the concrete. With a unique response for every application, no two floors ever look the same.