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What Do Professional Philadelphia Contractors Look for in a Concrete Dealer?

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Concrete Patio Designs

Unless you use the services of an installer directly linked to a concrete dealer, you would need to hire an experienced contractor to work on your Philadelphia home. When it comes to decorative concrete, including overlays, finishes, and coatings, you want someone skilled for the job, as well as an individual who uses only the highest-quality products, like SunStamp, SunStone, and Tuscan.

The best contractors in Philadelphia know the value that comes from working with a reputable concrete dealer. Ultimately, they get what they need to ensure their customer’s 100 percent satisfaction:

  • Quality – Most importantly, any concrete dealer in Philadelphia worth consideration has superior-quality products. After all, the caliber of the product plays a significant role in the outcome of the project. A contractor will look for a dealer with products proven to surpass expectations.
  • Variety – Every customer is different, meaning they all have unique preferences in how decorative concrete looks and functions. The right dealer provides variety, including overlays for resurfacing projects, sealers that serve as a barrier of protection, and epoxy coatings for areas that need a durable and tough flooring system. Typically, Philadelphia contractors prefer to get products from the same concrete dealer. That allows them to develop a long-lasting relationship built on trust and respect.
  • Training – Even contractors with a lot of experience installing different decorative concrete surfaces need help from time to time. For that reason, they look for dealers that have both how-to videos and online training courses. Whether learning a new technique or working with a new product, this ensures they have the correct information to perform stellar work.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Solutions – Because contractors handle both inside and outside jobs, they look for a concrete dealer in Philadelphia who has many different options for both. As a result, they can offer their services for new installs or the resurfacing of pool decks, patios, driveways, walkways, floors, countertops, walls, fireplace surrounds, and much more.

Carlisle Residents Discover the Best Way to Choose Color for Concrete Floors

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Interior Stained Concrete Floors

Instead of spending hours trying to decide on a color for your new concrete floors, you can do what other residents in Carlisle do, become inspired. Many homeowners have discovered that selecting the right color can be fun as opposed to exhausting. Use the following tips for feeling inspired and let your creativity flow.

  • Landscaping and Greenery – If you plan to have a new floor added to your outdoor patio, take a few minutes to look at the surrounding landscaping and greenery. As you scour the backyard, something will catch your eye. For instance, you might see a beautiful orchid with a creamy white-colored flower or perhaps a green fern with uniquely split leaves. Using either one as inspiration, you can have a professional installer create floors in the same color and pattern.
  • Architectural Features – Colored architectural features on your Carlisle home would be another point of inspiration. As an example, if you have steps leading to the backyard with black curved wrought iron rails, why not incorporate black into the design of the decorative concrete surface? You could have black spirals added to the patio’s concrete floors.
  • Artwork – If you have a collection of artwork that features one or more prominent colors, why not incorporate them into your design? Remember, the best products on the market, like Tuscan and SunStamp, come in a broad range of colors that makes matching artwork easy. A skilled installer can use several colors if you prefer.
  • Home Style and Location – You can even use the location and style of your Carlisle home as inspiration when choosing a color for the concrete floors. If you live near the water, blue or green is perfect. If you have a Victorian-style home, you might consider a deep red or brown. For a cottage, pastel yellow or orange would look stunning.

Patio Resurfacing vs Replacement: Cost Guide

concrete patio contractor PhiladelphiaThe patio has become more than just a paved outdoor area. Nowadays, it is an instrument in bringing family and friends together. It is quite enjoyable to make use of the concrete patio for family events, relaxation, bonding with friends, or as a child activity center. However, all these can wear out the patio sooner or later. When the time comes to address concrete issues, you have the option to resurface or replace. Which is the more economical choice?

Patio Resurfacing

This type of concrete repair involves the use of a coating or overlay, giving the old patio a new lease on life. An overlay system, like a stamped concrete patio, often costs $3 to $10 per square foot. This range is greatly influenced by several factors, such as:

  • Material – There are different types of resurfacing coatings or overlays. The type you choose and how many layers of it will be used will affect the overall costs.
  • Patio Size – Since rates are calculated by square foot, bigger patios cost more. There are rare instances when smaller ones incur more costs, like when access to the small patio is difficult.
  • Additional Services – Customization costs extra, of course. This may include hand-staining, intricate patterns, and the like.
  • Other repairs – If certain issues need to be addressed before an overlay can be applied, such as sealing cracks and holes, then it could add to the total costs.

Patio Replacement

Replacing the entire concrete patio will cost more, of course. Demolition of the old one alone may already cost somewhere between $800 to $1000. Installing a new one after the old one has been removed also depends on the material used:

  • Concrete – Pouring new concrete may cost around $11.50 per square foot. A concrete contractor recommends sealing the concrete because it is a very porous material.
  • Stone – Installing stone units, like flagstone, can cost about $20 per square foot. This would require a concrete slab and some mortar to support the stone pieces.
  • Gravel – This only costs around $5.66 per square foot but it can be difficult to maintain because the rocks move around. It is also vulnerable to weed growth.
  • Pavers – Concrete pavers cost around $15 per square foot. The soil underneath needs to be compacted well enough for it not to shift. The pavers also need to be sealed and held down with polymeric sand.

5 Reasons Why Decorative Concrete is a Trend

decorative concrete overlay PhiladelphiaTrends often come and go, even in the remodeling industry. A certain material can be hot right now and then tacky the next. When property owners decide to build or remodel a home, it is common for them to look into what material is trending now. However, it is important to choose something that is not just trending for a fleeting moment but one that will remain ideal for many years to come. Decorative concrete is one such trend. Architects, building managers, and even designers have acknowledged the fact that concrete is a common material but it always has something new to offer. Many companies, such as Sundek decorative concrete, Kooldeck, and the like, have come out, each one offering their own innovative options to make concrete more desirable. Here is a breakdown of why it is an enduring and everlasting trend.


Concrete is still the same utilitarian material that we have come to know. But thanks to interior designers and artisans, it has become a highly stylish material for the home. It almost competes with more high-end materials like granite, marble, natural stone, and even wood. With concrete stamp patterns and textures, it can be designed to integrate with almost any type of theme, like Old-world European, contemporary, vintage classic, and more. There are so many options to make concrete look luxurious and expensive without compromising functionality.


Concrete can be molded, colored, and designed in so many ways. Dyes and stains are still popular methods of coloring concrete but there are other non-conventional methods like sandblasting, swirling, and directional brooming. Metallic epoxies also offer an endless array of color combinations.


The affordability of concrete is a well-known benefit. A designer once said that he is amazed at how affordable concrete is and how he can purchase an 80-pound bag and use it to create planters, tables, and more, even without power tools. It is also because of this that commercial property owners prefer decorative concrete for both outdoor and indoor flooring applications.


Concrete is as durable as time itself. It has always been a preferred material both for sub-base and topping. With proper installation, it can last several years.

Low Maintenance

While most stunning materials require tedious cleaning and maintenance, concrete does not. With proper installation and sealing, all it needs is minor sweeping and occasional mopping. The sealer keeps concrete from absorbing anything and preventing stubborn stains, making the surface easier to clean.

Surprise Your Kids With the Coolest Outdoor Play Area Using Stamped Concrete

Do you want to give your kids a one-of-a-kind play area as a big surprise? If so, you definitely want to consider using stamped concrete as flooring. This same decorative concrete solution works on vertical surfaces as well. For that reason, it offers endless possibilities. The key to success is letting your creativity flow and having an expert who uses a product like SunStamp to perform the work.

wading are for kids

A Little Bit Country

With so many designs and color options, the sky’s the limit. If your kids love to pretend that they’re from the Old West, you can have stamped concrete applied to mimic hardwood. Just imagine building a miniature town, complete with a house, bank, and general store. The hardwood flooring design would make everything more realistic.

A Little Bit Rock and Roll

Of course, some kids are on the other end of the spectrum. For those who love performing, or at least predating, you could create a stage. In this case, you might consider stamped concrete that looks like slate or flagstone. And, in keeping with the theme, you’d want to choose a vibrant color that inspires your kids’ talent.

Nature Sanctuary

How about a nature sanctuary in your own backyard? This type of project is easier to achieve than expected. All you need is a designated area, some planted trees and bushes, a pond, and a small bridge. Instead of grass, you could have stamped concrete applied that resembles river rock. When properly sealed, even water from the pond wouldn’t cause any damage.

So Many Possibilities

The great thing about stamped concrete is its versatility. An installer can create a surface that looks like any of those mentioned, as well as, cobblestone, marble, and brick. Instead of giving your kids something ordinary, just imagine their excitement as they walk outdoors into a magical play area. Once they grow up, you can easily transform the space to make it more adult-friendly without removing the decorative concrete.