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Hot Trends for Outdoor Living Concrete in Philadelphia for 2019

Outdoor Living Concrete

Outdoor Living Concrete

Outdoor living concrete is a referral to an application of a coating, finish, or overlay to any surface outside. In other words, the hot trends discussed include patios, walkway, front porches, pool decks, and so on in Philadelphia.

Every year, decorative concrete changes, becoming more and more exciting. 2019 is no exception. For both homes and businesses, you can transform any outdoor area by having the project completed by an expert who uses a top-of-the-line product.

  • Cozy Gathering Spaces – Even if you have a small backyard or dining area outside of your Philadelphia home or restaurant, for 2019, you want to make it as cozy as possible. To achieve that, select outdoor living concrete in earth tones and beautiful textures. You could have a stamped surface created that looks like brick or hardwood using a product like SunStamp.
  • Functional Walkways – Another hot trend for 2019 is to create beautiful yet functional walkways. You want visitors to your home or business to feel welcome and at the same time protected from accidental slips and falls. For this, a handcrafted customer overlay enhanced with small aggregates is perfect. That combination ensures a gorgeous walkway with slip-resistant qualities.
  • Color Choices – What makes 2019 so interesting is the color trends for outdoor living concrete. In Philadelphia, experts predict people will gravitate to either bold or subdued colors. You will see vibrant blues, reds, and yellows, as well as multi-colors, mixed in with grays and browns. This coming year, it seems as though there is no middle ground when it comes to colored decorative concrete solutions.

Patterns – Even the patterns people will choose this coming year will differ from 2018. For outdoor living concrete at Philadelphia homes and businesses, the trend is more random designs as opposed to those with structure. For instance, stamped concrete that looks like river rock will have a more eclectic design than what you would expect to see in nature.

Why So Many Business Owners Choose Handcrafted Concrete Overlays

pool deck resurfacing philadelphia- Concrete Overlays

Concrete Overlays

If you pay attention when visiting different businesses in Pennsylvania, a pattern will emerge. You will notice a lot of them choose handcrafted concrete overlays as their flooring solution. Not only that, but you will see that in addition to the floors, many business owners change the appearance of their other surfaces, including countertops, walls, water features, walkways, and more.

Now, you ask why. For one thing, handcrafted concrete overlays are just as the name implies, resurfacing products crafted by hand. That means an experienced and highly skilled artisan performs the work. The expert painstakingly handles every aspect of the application process, giving you a one-of-a-kind finished project.

The artisan also uses the best product on the market. For instance, using Tuscan, this individual hand-trowels the textured effect according to your specific wants and needs. While this option produces a stamped design, meaning the surface ends up looking like brick, wood, stone, slate, and more, it is thicker and therefore, more durable.

Another extraordinary benefit of handcrafted concrete overlays is they work on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Along with floors, driveways, patios, and pool decks, you could have the appearance of walls, fireplace surrounds, stairways, and water features more enhanced to help your business stand apart from the competition. In fact, the professional can apply the overlay on materials beyond concrete such as cinder block, stucco, brick, drywall, etc.

Even the level of creativity skyrockets. By working with an artisan with years of experience applying handcrafted concrete overlays, either he can recommend designs and design elements or turn your concept into a reality. As a team, there are no limitations. You might have an idea the expert expounds on to make it even greater than imagined.

All the things mentioned are why so many business owners go with handcrafted concrete overlays as opposed to a more traditional solution. Beautiful flooring and other surfaces make a lasting impression on current customers and prospects, giving their companies a competitive edge.

Consider These Patio Ideas for Your Doylestown Home

concrete stamping philadelphia

Patio Ideas

As a homeowner in Doylestown, you want to create a unique space outside for entertaining friends and enjoying casual gatherings with family. The problem is that as hard as you try, you struggle to come up with interesting patio ideas that are different from your neighbors in the same community. Although there are thousands upon thousands of options, start by considering those suggested below.

  • Moroccan Style – Have a stamped concrete overlay applied to the floor in either a deep red or sky blue. Then, have curved concrete sofa-style seating built, using coordinating colors for the cushions and a stamped design on the exposed bottom portion. Directly in front of that, a contractor can build a square fire feature with water surrounding the flame. On the ledge going around the perimeter, choose a different stamped design and color that pulls everything together. Finish the design with colorful pillows and throws.
  • Tropical Oasis – Another one of the best patio ideas involves creating a tropical paradise in the backyard of your Doylestown home. Plant both tall, slender trees and short plants around the exterior. Then, using a product like SunStamp, hire a professional to create a floor that resembles rock, complete with a palm tree design added using a small cobblestone stamp in varying colors of gold and green. Finally, add some type of water feature.
  • Romantic Aura – If you and your significant other love spending quality time together outside, you can choose from multiple patio ideas. One consists of having an acid stain applied to the floor’s surface. As a muriatic acid-base coloring solution, you end up with a gorgeous translucent modeled effect for the perfect setting. Because the formula reacts to chemical compounds in concrete, and with every surface different, this option results in a one-of-a-kind look. All you need to do is add an oversized couch and lots of candles.
  • Go Eclectic – If you prefer more of an eclectic look, there are plenty of patio ideas for that as well. You can choose from many bold colors when using a water-based stain on the floor. Hang and gather flowy curtains, add different styles of furniture, and incorporate cushions, throw blankets, and pillows of different colors and patterns in the design.

Colored Concrete: The Right Choice for a Store in Philadelphia That Sells Paint and Wallpaper

Example of Colored Concrete

Example of Colored Concrete

With colored concrete, you can achieve virtually any look you want. Using the right flooring system benefits any business, regardless of size or industry. If you have a paint and wallpaper store in Philadelphia, a superior quality product and color will accomplish several things you never considered. With so many options like SunStamp, SunAcid, SunCanvas, and others, the sky is the limit.

People who visit your store in Philadelphia want to change the appearance of walls, meaning they are either planning or in the process of doing some type of remodeling project. What colored concrete floors do is enhance your customer’s creative mind. When greeted by stunning floors, people will feel inspired the minute they walk in the doors of your business.

If you have a storefront paint and wallpaper establishment, the floors will help draw people in who are not even in the market for paint or wallpaper. The right color becomes almost magical. Remember, most people are visual, so if they peer inside your store and like what they see, there is an excellent chance they will go inside to check out your products.

Colored concrete floors also help people decide on which paint or wallpaper to buy. Instead of dull gray floors or some outdated design, sophisticated color, texture, or pattern creates a homey environment. As people browse through your products, it becomes easier for them to visualize how their choice will look in their Philadelphia home.

Along with providing your customers with a welcoming environment, the right colored concrete floors serve as an excellent marketing tool. Whether on social media or in print advertising, the color grabs immediate attention.

You can select flooring with a marbled effect, metallic flecks, or in the case of stamped concrete, what appears as genuine wood, brick, stone, or some other material. Take your paint and wallpaper business in Philadelphia to the next level of success by updating your current floors.

Epoxy Coatings: More Than Just an Option for the Garage Floors in Your Carlisle Home

Epoxy Coatings protect Stained Floors

Epoxy Coatings protect Stained Floors

The majority of people in Carlisle who hear the words, “epoxy coatings,” immediately think of residential or commercial garages. However, if you have another interior space in your home or business that needs updating, this same coating works perfectly. Regardless of the color, texture, or pattern you select, you can turn an ordinary space into something fantastic.

For you to achieve the look you want, remember two key things. First, you need to have a professional installer or contractor do the job, and second, that individual should use a superior quality product, something like SunEpoxy 54 or SunEpoxy 100. With those two things combined, the results will surpass your expectations.

A prime example of the versatility of epoxy coatings is their use in a restaurant in Carlisle. Just as you want your patrons to enjoy an excellent meal and outstanding service, you want to keep your kitchen staff safe. Because your employees deal with spilled food and drinks, grease, water, and other substances, epoxy is perfect. With aggregates added, the surface becomes incredibly slip-resistant.

Another example of using epoxy coatings outside of garages is for a fitness center. With aggregates as part of the formula, you could have this coating applied to locker rooms and even showers. Not only does this improve someone’s footing but because it reduces the risk of an individual falling and sustaining an injury, it lessens your liability as a business owner.

Epoxy coatings are beneficial for your Carlisle home as well. Since this flooring solution is resistant to stains, impact, abrasions, and heavy foot traffic, you might consider having it installed in your family room or basement. With that, your children can play without you worrying about damage. However, because this coating is also beautiful, it makes the perfect choice for surfaces used when entertaining family and friends.

With a broad range of color options, epoxy coatings look stunning in any style of home or business. Although you can still have this coating applied to the garage floor at your Carlisle home, it offers far more diversity.