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Resurfacing Concrete Vs Replacing Concrete

Concrete is an ever-reliable material for floors. Some use them as plain concrete while some use it with tile, brick, and other paving materials. When a bare concrete floor gets damaged, the ancient solution was to replace it with a new mix of concrete. However, technology and innovation presented new, more practical concrete repair options to retain concrete slabs. So, which is better? Decorative concrete resurfacing or new concrete re-pour? Read on to find out if you should resurface or replace concrete floors.

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Budget is a huge influencing factor when it comes to making a choice. Obviously, replacing the concrete slab is a lot more expensive with all that old slab removal, new concrete mix, and steel foundation. Concrete resurfacing, on the other hand, only requires a thin layer of new material on top of an old slab. Material and labor cost are kept to a minimum.


Both resurface and re-pour add value to a property. They both enhance the interior or exterior of a home or commercial establishment especially if the look and function of the floor are updated or improved. However, you’d surely win with a resurfaced concrete floor because it gives you as much value as a replacement but with a smaller investment.

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The initial thought would be that replacing the whole concrete slab is a lot more durable. This is not true. It is important to remember that concrete is a very durable material. As long as the structure is still in good condition, it can last as long as a newly installed slab. Also, the amount of foot or vehicular traffic on the slab can affect the durability of the floor, be it a new pour or a resurfaced one.


A newly poured concrete provides a better look because it is new. What’s amazing is that a resurfaced can be just as attractive, if not better. A stamped concrete overlay, for example, can immediately enhance the look of an old concrete floor. You can choose from a wide range of patterns to match your home. Stained concrete is also another way to beautify a plain concrete floor. It comes in acid and water-based forms, each with a range of colors to choose from. Resurfaced floors are easier to update in case the time comes and you want to change the look of the concrete floor again.

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Spring Inspired Patio Ideas

Spring is just around the corner. The birds are out chirping and flying from branch to branch. Flowers are blooming slowly but ever so elegantly. It is that time when hanging out on the patio is the best possible way to enjoy the season. To get your patio ready for this wonderful time of the year, here are some patio ideas you should definitely try.

floral patio designThink Floral

Spring is all about the blooming of flowers so what better way to incorporate the season than to add flowers into the setup. Flowering plants in pots are the easiest accessories you can add to the patio. If these are too high-maintenance for you, then opt for floral prints on curtains, tablecloths, or pillow covers.  There are concrete patio companies that have concrete stamps with floral designs. Or you can have concrete stamping contractors carve or engrave floral designs on the patio.




stamped concrete patterns PhillyAdd Patterns

There are a lot of fun patterns that can make the Spring season a lot more emphasized. Polka dots, stripes, floral, and more. These patterns can be incorporated into different fabric items. Don’t be scared using contrasting patterns in the same area. Just make sure that these come in matching or complementing colors. A stamped concrete patio is one of the best ways to incorporate patterns.




Yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, and probably every bright color in the palette is a great color to use for a Spring-inspired patio. The great thing about color is that it can easily be incorporated anywhere in the patio, from the roof all the way to the floor. You don’t need to use carpets or rugs to add color to the floor. Since this is an outdoor surface, the solution is to stain it in bright colors.

Concrete stains can be used on plain concrete surfaces or those that have just gone through concrete stamping. Paint your flower pots in a color of your preference. If you have wooden patio furniture, you may paint them, too. If you don’t wish to, then add some pillows or throws in bright colors to make the area a lot more inviting.

Patio Project 101

stamped concrete PhiladelphiaWhether you are building or renovating a patio, the actual process can be quite challenging. No one wants to just go ahead and proceed with the project with proper planning. Unless you are willing to waste your time, money, and energy. Keep in mind that the patio will be an addition to your property. Something you cannot easily forgo or remove if you suddenly decide that you don’t want it. For beginners, as well as those who got a second chance to redo their patios, here are factors to consider for a patio project.

Know What You Want

One good question to ask yourself is “What are you looking for in a patio?”. It is easy to say that you want a huge slide, a huge brick firepit, a retractable shade, and anything over-the-top. But you have to be realistic. Do you and your family spend a lot of time outdoors? What activities do you often love to do? If you love roasting marshmallows, then include a fire pit in your list of must-have features. If you have no idea at all, browse through magazines or ask family members about their ideas.

Set a Specific Budget

Having a specific amount to spend helps you determine what can and cannot be included in the plan. If the sky is the limit then, by all means, install whatever you want. But if the budget is limited, make wise decisions. There are many affordable options out there that do not compromise quality and style. A stamped concrete overlay, for example, is a less expensive alternative to concrete stamping newly poured slab.

Browse for Materials and Designs

Do not limit your choices to materials and designs that you are already familiar with. There are many options out there so keep an open mind. When you think of a patio, the most common materials that come to mind are brick, stone pavers, and wood. But you would be surprised how a stamped concrete patio can be customized to look exactly like those materials. You may have been programmed to accept that only earthy colors are acceptable for patios but you’d be amazed at how pastels and neons can make the area a lot more stylish and interesting

Choose Sustainable Options

Nowadays, sustainability is such a huge factor in both the commercial and residential industry. Choose materials and designs that are easy to maintain and friendly to the environment. Using concrete stamps on an old concrete patio can actually help lower carbon footprint because it lowers the demand for manufacturing new concrete. Artificial grass is easier to maintain and water-efficient compared to real grass.

Discuss with an Expert

Don’t do all the researching and browsing yourself. Consult with an expert in the field of patio building or renovation. Some offer free consultations and price quotes so take advantage of that opportunity. They know more about materials, designs, and other important factors involved in patio projects so you know you are getting reliable assistance and information.

How To Add Character To Interior Designs

Just because a home is well-decorated, doesn’t mean it exudes enough character to overwhelm guests. Making it a lot more attractive does not even require a remodel. There are affordable ways to add character to a room. Here are some:

rugs under coffee tableUse Rugs

Choose rugs that complement the overall theme of the room. If your furniture and walls have patterns, choose a plain rug. If the walls and furniture have single colors, choose a patterned rug. The most common area this is placed is under the center coffee table, by the fireplace, or by the door.

indoor plantsAdd Plants

Plants will always be the best decorative add-ons. If you have a lot of space, add tall plants in decorative pots and place them in corners or by the window. If you have a lot going on already, choose the smaller types and place them on the center table or above the fireplace. You can also have a vertical garden built indoors if you have a bare wall somewhere. Vertical gardens are gorgeous and very easy to maintain.

stained concrete indoor floorResurface Floors

A decorative concrete overlay in Philadelphia is a popular floor enhancement solution. A professional concrete contractor lays out the coating or overlay onto an existing interior floor and then customize it to your liking. Some of the popular options are stamped patterns, acid or water-based stains, paint chips, epoxy coating, and more.

indoor hang wall decorHang Wall Decor

This is a no-brainer. Bare walls could definitely use some wall decor. But choose your items wisely. Sometimes, instead of adding character to the room, it does the opposite. Choose timeless pieces that go with just about any furniture you have. You can even recycle stuff and hang them on the wall. This could be an old wagon wheel, an old glass-less window frame, an intricately designed throw, and more.

indoor living room lampLighting

Lighting can do so much. Not only will it be decorative, it provides additional illumination. If you are choosing stand-alone lighting fixtures like lamps, make sure their sizes are appropriate for the space you have. If the room is small, opt for thin and tall ones. For wider spaces, bulky lamps will go well. You may also want to avoid having one bulb receptacle on the ceiling. Choose about four if the room is wide enough. Have them installed like penlights or as decorative lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling or wall.

Garage Floor Ideas: Efficient & Affordable

A garage is often perceived as a greasy, unkempt area where the car is parked and other unused items are stored until needed. However, with the changing times, it is now considered as an extension of a living space. This means garage floors need to be more comfortable and cleaner. The best way to improve it is through garage flooring Philadelphia resurfacing solutions. Here are some of the top garage floor ideas that are both efficient and affordable.

Epoxy Garage Floor

Although quite costly compared to other garage floors Philadelphia options, it is very durable, thus, saving you from the unnecessary expense of repairs and maintenance. It is resistant to impact and stains. Garage floor epoxy, however, requires a professional installation as it can be quite difficult to apply the coating and it requires a long period of time to set and cure.

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Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating

Just like epoxy flooring Philadelphia coatings, polyurea polyaspartic is very durable and long-lasting. In fact, this was originally developed for use on industrial floors where usage can be quite tremendous. This garage floor coating was made available for residential garage use because it satisfies the need for shorter installation time. It can take a day or two at the most to completely set and dry.


Rubber Flooring

This is probably the most affordable of all garage flooring options. However, once it gets damaged, it needs to be replaced immediately to continue protecting the floor underneath. If using the garage for activities that can be loud, such as woodwork, car repairs, or band rehearsals, rubber is a great sound buffer.


PVC Flooring Material

There are two types of PVC flooring: roll-out and tile. Roll-outs cover the whole garage in one go but once an area is damaged, the whole thing needs to be replaced. Tile, on the other hand, are interlocked with each other so replacing a piece is easier and design options are more varied.


Colored Concrete

There are many ways to color concrete garage floors. Paints are probably the most popular and the easiest to apply, however, it does not last long because it can easily chip, scratch off, or peel. Stains are a more ideal option because it penetrates deeper into the concrete. This is an efficient and affordable way to make the look of the garage be more elegant and presentable. A concrete sealer can be applied as a top coat to help protect against grease stains.