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Stamped Concrete Philadelphia PA: Expensive Look, Made More Affordable

Philadelphia, PA is home to the largest art museums in the US and other noteworthy museums, such as the Rodin Museum that hold the largest Rodin art collection outside of France. Art is very much celebrated in this city so why not have a home that also celebrates creativity and beauty? We introduce Stamped Concrete Overlays. This is a decorative concrete resurfacing service that is trending in the Philly area nowadays, and for a lot of good reasons.

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Stamped Overlays: What makes it Ideal?

More and more people are opting for classic floor materials that exude quality and a luxurious look. Natural stone and pavers are popular choices but not everyone can afford such expensive materials.

If you want the look of natural stone on your concrete pool deck, patio, driveway, or other floor concrete surfaces, then stamp overlay is your best option. Here are some other reasons why:

  • It can mimic natural stone and paver patterns. Now you can have an expensive-looking surface at a fraction of the cost of the material it is substituting.
  • If you look at pictures of stamped concrete floors, you will see the variety of patterns and designs available for you to choose from. You can mix and match or choose a specific pattern that would complement your preference and your home’s architectural style.
  • The concrete stamp overlay is applied on existing concrete slabs, thus, eliminating the need for a re-pour. Not only do you save money, you also get to reduce landfill waste.
  • The textures make it slip-resistant. This makes it an ideal overlay for outdoor concrete driveway, walkways, patios, front entryway, and pool decks.
  • It is durable enough for use on both residential and commercial properties, whether indoor or out.
  • Compared to real stone and pavers, it is lot easier to clean and maintain.

Work with an expert! Call a Concrete Contractor now!

When it comes to stamped concrete, Sundek of PA is the name you could trust. We are an A+ BBB rated company with years of experience in the business. We would be more than willing to show you photos and videos of all the decorative concrete projects we handled throughout the years, hoping that it would help spark ideas of your own.
Give us a call now (888) 491-2200 for more information on our concrete resurfacing services. Need a fast and free quote? Fill up our simple quote request form on our website.

Stamped Concrete Cost: Important Things to Consider

Stamped, textured, or imprinted concrete has become such a hit among homeowners especially when it comes to enhancing their outdoor spaces. Why is this so? Think of it as a perfect balance between the cheap cost of plain concrete and the fancy look of fancy stone or wood work. Stamped concrete contractors have seen an increasing demand for this service in driveways, walkways, patios, courtyards, pool decks, and more.

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How much does stamped concrete cost?

Prior to a stamping concrete project, it is protocol for contractors to evaluate the area and provide an estimated cost to the customer. In a nutshell, here is a simple quote of the standard prices starting with a basic installation to a more high-end decorative concrete service: 

  1. Basic Installation Price range per square foot: $8 to $12
    • Services included: One color and one pattern
  2. Intermediate Price range per square foot: $12 to $18
    • Services included: Two to three colors and a contrasting border design
  3. High-End Price range per square foot: $18 and up
    • Services included: Multiple colors (hand-staining), complex stamped patterns, custom score lines, realistic designs

What factors influence the cost of stamped concrete?

Upon considering a concrete stamping project, contractors are often mandated to evaluate a property to be able to come up with an accurate quote based on several factors, such as:


1. Size matters. Just like most projects, the larger the area, the more expensive it would be.

2. Pattern type and difficulty. There are over 20 patterns available for stamped concrete projects. The most basic, often involving a set of pre-designed stamps, are often cheaper than those that require custom or random patterns.

3. Number of  colors. The question “how much is stamped concrete” can also be answered by how many colors will actually be involved in the installation. A single or monotone is less expensive because it can be applied with a spray, which requires less time and effort. Multiple tones, on the other hand, are often applied on concrete that aim to resemble the look of natural stone. Therefore, a manual staining application is required to achieve such look.

4. Damages and repairs. While concrete surfaces that are in good condition can be stamped almost immediately after just a little prepping, those that require some repairs may take more time and require more money. Repairs may also vary from something simple as caulking minor cracks to the more complicated micro topping.

Debunking Decorative Concrete Myths

Decorative concrete is a durable, beautiful and reliable way of adding a touch of attitude and personality to your home or business. But as amazing as this material is, it’s often misunderstood as a flat, boring home improver approving of tile, stone and granite.

Here some of the common myths and misconceptions about decorative concrete:

Decorative Concrete is Expensive

False! Decorative concrete is way more affordable that granite, tile and stone! It’s a practical and economical option that we can provide for you. Marble and granite countertops generally start at $140 per square foot whereas decorative concrete definitely tops out that expensive price. We can also give you custom quotes that could help you decide which decorative concrete application is good for you. Trust us, decorative concrete is far below the cost of granite, tile, or marble.

You Can’t Customize Concrete


Obviously untrue. If this were a fact, then we won’t be here in the first place. Decorative concrete gives you unlimited options for customizing your concrete space. Want a stone pathway but can’t afford the cost? Concrete can be stamped and fitted to look like hand-laid stonework. Concrete can also be colored, textured, and sealed for you to have that “expensive” material that you always wanted for your surface.

Granite Is Better For My Floors/Countertops/Patio

Yeah, well… concrete can look just as nice (better, even.) With a granite surface, you’re eternally stuck with a pre-formed grain and color. With concrete, you can customize everything. And when we say everything, the color can be too. Granite, as pretty as it looks like, is sensitive to spills and stains and other liquids. Over time, it will pit as you use stain-prone materials or food. Decorative concrete won’t suffer this kind of fate; and with the right sealant, these concrete surfaces can last for a lifetime.

Concrete Will Crack Over Time

This is actually a fact BUT this can actually add to the personality of the concrete. If you’re really opposed to it, microtops (a resinous, epoxy topper) can help eliminate these cracks and give you an added touch of personality to your concrete piece.

Decorative Concrete Requires a Lot of Maintenance

Absolutely not! Decorative concrete is actually super easy to take care of. Aside from getting a concrete seal, wiping it down with a gentle cleaner can do the job and you can now get on with whatever it is that you have to do for as long as you want. It’s that simple.

The Answer to Your Concrete Floor Dilemma

As much as your residential surface gets intense beating from people and pet feet going in and out all day long, just imagine if you had complete responsibility over a commercial concrete floor of say, a shopping mall or a movie theatre in downtown Philadelphia. With winter still in full swing and unleashing its power and might, take note of all the rain, snow and mud that would get tacked in, not to mention all the spills–soda, coffee, popcorn, cheese and all sugary candies.

It’s a proven fact that commercial floors often get more abuse than residential floors, that’s why it really makes good business sense to have the most durable concrete surface that you can get your hands on. Sundek of PA has been in the decorative concrete business and serving clients for many years with quality decorative concrete applications such as stamping, staining and resurfacing concrete floors. We provide the most affordable and effectively durable custom concrete floors that are easy to maintain and gives off the proper aesthetic appeal to your commercial space. Our beautiful stained concrete floors can resist all kinds of tacky stains and disgusting spills that can be a hassle to clean.

Brilliant Interior and Exterior Concrete Surfaces

commercial pool deck resurfacing Philadelphia PAFor any commercial business, interior and exterior concrete surfaces and floors can greatly benefit from having decorative concrete done by Sundek of Philadelphia’s professional overlay contractors. Stained concrete designs and applications can allow any kind of exquisite and expensive look like natural stone and polished marble. With its two types–water and acid stains–it can produce stunning effects to your expensive taste. Custom graphics and company logos can also be added to the stained concrete surface to further unite the design of your commercial space’s interior design and for a more discernible branding identity. Stamped concrete can mimic the looks of brick, slate, stone and wood. These classic patterns can easily be achieved and it gives your concrete a more natural look. Concrete resurfacing can be your dilapidated and broken floor’s savior. We do this by overlaying a new surface than can be finished in a number of applications, including flagstone and cobblestone. These designs make for a natural textured floor.

Sundek of Philadelphia can transform your hotel’s flooring by using a stamped concrete overlay pattern for your exterior patio that could add a definite touch of class. Its durability and ease of maintenance will help you keep your grounds beautiful and welcoming for guests, as well as saving you the worry for years, and a big deal for your time and money.

Face the new business quarter with a new, durable and easy care decorative concrete floor! Now’s the time for you to focus on getting new interior floors for your office or any kind of commercial space. Your business could thrive all the more once your clients and customers see the beauty that your business evokes. Our craftsmen at Sundek of PA can transform your interior floors into a baffling work of art with a reduced downtime and cost than that of other materials, all while giving you the look of other expensive flooring options.

The Ideal Solution for Your Home or Business

The same solution to your commercial surface blues—stained, stamped or resurfaced concrete surfaces from Sundek of PA—can solve your flooring dilemmas that you may have in your home. As a homeowner, you can definitely experience the exact same durability, ease of maintenance and lox cost that a commercial business reaps. In addition to your interior flooring, we can also transform your patio, driveway, pool deck, garage, basement, and more.

Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than The Poolside

Finally, we say goodbye to the joys of the holiday season and the winter days. But the blues don’t stop there! It just means that we’re ushering in new seasons–spring and summer! Prepare yourself for endless days in the sun, waking up to the bright side and of course, more chances of relaxing by the pool! Think about scorching hot days under the sun, perfect tan lines, and cooling off in the swimming pool. It doesn’t get any better than this! Talk about a real treat!

If you’re thinking about installing your own swimming pool, or if you currently own one that’s beginning to look a bit aged and weathered and needs a boost in its appeal, now is the time to think about this project properly. If you need to repair or want to start planning your soon-to-be fabulous pool, you can definitely count on Sundek of Philadelphia! We can give you awesome ideas, designs, shapes and even repair and resurface your existing pool deck to make it look spanking new!

Concrete swimming pools have the upper hand when it comes to its charm and strength.  Comparing it to other pool types such as fiberglass or vinyl, concrete, definitely has a big advantage. Vinyl-lined pools are known to be less durable and the risks of stain, leaks and tears are even greater as opposed to concrete. Pools made up of concrete can be customized. You can even add a fake waterfall in it! The surface can also be made safer once you install Sundek Classic Texture with Custom Scoreline effects! The concrete becomes resistant to slips and wear. The shapes and designs are literally infinite at the same time, solely depends on your preferences. You are the artist for your pool. Whatever you imagine, we can make possible. You can also go for concrete staining, which would add a decorative enhancement to your pool deck and make it look classy like that of a five-star hotel.

pool-deck-classic-texture-with-custom-scoreline (28)

                      (Pool Deck Resurfacing: Sundek Classic Texture w/ Custom Scoreline Effects)

Whether or not you already have an existing pool or thinking of having one installed, proper maintenance and repair are necessary. Although our decorative concrete overlays for pool deck are low-maintenance, a little bit of upkeep can make it last even longer than the pool itself! A pool that is properly maintained and made ready for the spring and summer season can make your pool more than just your recreational and relaxation area, but an important and treasured part of your home.

 To make things even refreshing, you can turn your backyard into an oasis by installing a patio and the perfect landscaping (complete with a decorative concrete surface of course!) Have you always dreamed of an outdoor spa that can entertain and cater to your guests’ relaxation? All of these things can be planned and executed in the most efficient and cost-effective way with Sundek of PA!

 Contact our professional team today to talk about the plans for your concrete pool, patio, and other backyard enhancements that could make your home an oasis for all ages.