Choosing the Right Garage Flooring

garage floors PhiladelphiaSelecting the right type of flooring material to use relies on several factors. For garage floors, it would be absurd to use something as delicate as cork. The flooring material needs to be something that can put up with the various ways a garage is used without compromising the need for an attractive walking surface. If you are rethinking the garage floor, here are some of the factors that need deep thought and consideration:


What will the garage be used for? It is an obvious fact that a garage is a place to park a vehicle. However, not everyone uses it that way. Some use it for storage or even a workshop, be it carpentry or auto mechanics. Once you are sure of what the garage is mostly used for, it would be easy to choose a garage flooring Philadelphia material.


How do you want the garage floor to look? Everyone wants a good-looking garage floor, who doesn’t? If you want something quite industrial and contemporary, a concrete floor is always a good option. However, if you want it to be more decorative, there are certain coatings, such as epoxy, that can be customized to your liking. Microchips, that come in a variety of colors, can be broadcasted onto the first coating to create a terrazzo-like appearance.


Garage floors Philadelphia need to be extra durable to handle impact and resist stains. The need for something durable can somehow be associated with finding out the what the garage would be used for. There are various durable flooring materials but one of the most highly recommended is an epoxy flooring Philadelphia material. This two-part material is highly resistant to impact, stains, abrasion, and other damage-causing factors.


Sometimes, budget can limit your options when it comes to flooring materials. It is easy to fall in love with a beautiful material and it can be heartbreaking to find out how expensive it is. For garage floors, polyurea polyaspartic is probably the most durable coating available today. However, it is quite expensive because of that feature and the fact that it only requires a day to install and dry. As an alternative, epoxy floor coating is the closest most durable coating for use on garage floors. The great thing about it is that it is more affordable, too. It is highly recommended to consult a professional contractor to get a good estimate of how much garage flooring would cost.