Commercial Concrete for Lasting Businesses

A concrete floor is not just restricted to being a residential consideration. Remember that the concrete phenomenon was a commercial revolution that dates way back. A lot of commercial spaces begin with concrete floors but using a dull, gray surface is definitely not a good place for you to showcase your products and merchandise. Customers might be driven away due to lack of interest caused by the boring flooring. As a business thrives on all elements, it’s always essential to consider the space that your customers will be walking on. A gray surface is a perfect canvas on which a beautiful transformation can occur. An ideal floor can be designed, and due to concrete’s ability to look organic and built-up at the same time, it has become a very popular flooring material for commercial surface designs across the country. Instead of ripping apart your existing floor and laying on a new one, most business owners are now switching to resurface their concrete; they usually have it polished, stained or stamped to its optimum perfection.


The process that we take in commercial concrete resurfacing is simple and definitely worthwhile. The first thing that we do is to apply a thin layer of concrete onto the base concrete slab. Any design of our client’s choice is then applied after that. Once the design layer dries, a layer of topcoat sealers is applied to finish off the floor and keep it looking like it’s always new for many years to come. Because of this final protective layer, the surface becomes easy to maintain. You can just simply grab a cloth, mop or broom and it’ll be clean like new without the hassle. It’s that fast. This kind of easy maintenance makes it the ideal concrete surface for restaurants and other mess-prone establishments.

Most of the time, the hardest part in the installation of indoor commercial concrete space is the design choice or style. We have an infinite number of styles to choose from, be it overlays to acid and water stains, the designs and colors are at your disposal.

A basic concrete slab design can maximize the details of your commercial properties’ architectural detail. For unstamped concrete finishes, sometimes it’s all about contrast. Sophisticated merchandise installations can be contrasted with a shiny concrete finish. Smooth, resurfaced concrete floors look great against red brick and natural wood. It can be used as an ideal surface for laying out a funky rug, a perfect complement to your merchandise display.

If you want to go for something that would make your space look intricate, using a stamped concrete design can recreate the look of brick, stone or tile floors. It doesn’t cost much, and is a great addition to your investment. Choosing commercial decorative concrete will achieve an excellent look for your business that will never ever go out of style.