Life Doesn’t Get Any Better Than The Poolside

Finally, we say goodbye to the joys of the holiday season and the winter days. But the blues don’t stop there! It just means that we’re ushering in new seasons–spring and summer! Prepare yourself for endless days in the sun, waking up to the bright side and of course, more chances of relaxing by the pool! Think about scorching hot days under the sun, perfect tan lines, and cooling off in the swimming pool. It doesn’t get any better than this! Talk about a real treat!

If you’re thinking about installing your own swimming pool, or if you currently own one that’s beginning to look a bit aged and weathered and needs a boost in its appeal, now is the time to think about this project properly. If you need to repair or want to start planning your soon-to-be fabulous pool, you can definitely count on Sundek of Philadelphia! We can give you awesome ideas, designs, shapes and even repair and resurface your existing pool deck to make it look spanking new!

Concrete swimming pools have the upper hand when it comes to its charm and strength.  Comparing it to other pool types such as fiberglass or vinyl, concrete, definitely has a big advantage. Vinyl-lined pools are known to be less durable and the risks of stain, leaks and tears are even greater as opposed to concrete. Pools made up of concrete can be customized. You can even add a fake waterfall in it! The surface can also be made safer once you install Sundek Classic Texture with Custom Scoreline effects! The concrete becomes resistant to slips and wear. The shapes and designs are literally infinite at the same time, solely depends on your preferences. You are the artist for your pool. Whatever you imagine, we can make possible. You can also go for concrete staining, which would add a decorative enhancement to your pool deck and make it look classy like that of a five-star hotel.

pool-deck-classic-texture-with-custom-scoreline (28)

                      (Pool Deck Resurfacing: Sundek Classic Texture w/ Custom Scoreline Effects)

Whether or not you already have an existing pool or thinking of having one installed, proper maintenance and repair are necessary. Although our decorative concrete overlays for pool deck are low-maintenance, a little bit of upkeep can make it last even longer than the pool itself! A pool that is properly maintained and made ready for the spring and summer season can make your pool more than just your recreational and relaxation area, but an important and treasured part of your home.

 To make things even refreshing, you can turn your backyard into an oasis by installing a patio and the perfect landscaping (complete with a decorative concrete surface of course!) Have you always dreamed of an outdoor spa that can entertain and cater to your guests’ relaxation? All of these things can be planned and executed in the most efficient and cost-effective way with Sundek of PA!

 Contact our professional team today to talk about the plans for your concrete pool, patio, and other backyard enhancements that could make your home an oasis for all ages.