Consider These Patio Ideas for Your Doylestown Home

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Patio Ideas

As a homeowner in Doylestown, you want to create a unique space outside for entertaining friends and enjoying casual gatherings with family. The problem is that as hard as you try, you struggle to come up with interesting patio ideas that are different from your neighbors in the same community. Although there are thousands upon thousands of options, start by considering those suggested below.

  • Moroccan Style – Have a stamped concrete overlay applied to the floor in either a deep red or sky blue. Then, have curved concrete sofa-style seating built, using coordinating colors for the cushions and a stamped design on the exposed bottom portion. Directly in front of that, a contractor can build a square fire feature with water surrounding the flame. On the ledge going around the perimeter, choose a different stamped design and color that pulls everything together. Finish the design with colorful pillows and throws.
  • Tropical Oasis – Another one of the best patio ideas involves creating a tropical paradise in the backyard of your Doylestown home. Plant both tall, slender trees and short plants around the exterior. Then, using a product like SunStamp, hire a professional to create a floor that resembles rock, complete with a palm tree design added using a small cobblestone stamp in varying colors of gold and green. Finally, add some type of water feature.
  • Romantic Aura – If you and your significant other love spending quality time together outside, you can choose from multiple patio ideas. One consists of having an acid stain applied to the floor’s surface. As a muriatic acid-base coloring solution, you end up with a gorgeous translucent modeled effect for the perfect setting. Because the formula reacts to chemical compounds in concrete, and with every surface different, this option results in a one-of-a-kind look. All you need to do is add an oversized couch and lots of candles.
  • Go Eclectic – If you prefer more of an eclectic look, there are plenty of patio ideas for that as well. You can choose from many bold colors when using a water-based stain on the floor. Hang and gather flowy curtains, add different styles of furniture, and incorporate cushions, throw blankets, and pillows of different colors and patterns in the design.