Creative & Smart Garage Organization Ideas

When people organize the house, more often than not, all unwanted stuff go to the garage. It becomes some sort of storage room with all the stuff propped up against the wall, sitting on the garage floors, or shoved into cabinets ready to burst open. This is one reason why the garage is often messy and disorganized. The solution to a cleaner and more organized garage is not to move stored stuff to another room. There are smart and creative ways to make it beautiful, spacious, and functional.

Creative Pegboards

pegboardA pegboard is one of the most versatile materials around. You often see them in department store displays. While it is not a new option for garages, it can be made more creative and fun. Instead of leaving it white or brown, why not paint over it in a color that matches the rest of the garage? It would look more connected and more stunning this way. 



Improved Garage Flooring

epoxy floor garages philadelphiaNo matter how spic and span the garage is, it would still look messy if the garage floor is dirty, stained, and damaged. Transforming it into an epoxy flooring can help make it easier to the eyes for a longer time. The great thing about the epoxy coating is that it is a lot easier to clean and maintain.



Adding Caster Wheels

chair casterCaster wheels, like those found under swivel chairs, make anything portable. If you work in the garage a lot and need more than one item at a time, putting all those stuff in a bin with caster wheels make it easier to move it around. This way, you won’t have to walk back and forth getting and returning every single item you use. Make sure to apply concrete sealers on your garage floor to keep it from acquiring wheel marks.



Handy Mason Jars

mason jarsIf you have leftover paint, don’t leave them in their original cans. Not only will this take up space, the cans will also be a lot more difficult to open when you need it. Instead, transfer leftover paint in clear glass mason jars. It saves space and makes it easier for you to find the right paint color you need. Mason jars are also great for storing small items like nails, hooks, and the like.