Debunking Decorative Concrete Myths

Decorative concrete is a durable, beautiful and reliable way of adding a touch of attitude and personality to your home or business. But as amazing as this material is, it’s often misunderstood as a flat, boring home improver approving of tile, stone and granite.

Here some of the common myths and misconceptions about decorative concrete:

Decorative Concrete is Expensive

False! Decorative concrete is way more affordable that granite, tile and stone! It’s a practical and economical option that we can provide for you. Marble and granite countertops generally start at $140 per square foot whereas decorative concrete definitely tops out that expensive price. We can also give you custom quotes that could help you decide which decorative concrete application is good for you. Trust us, decorative concrete is far below the cost of granite, tile, or marble.

You Can’t Customize Concrete


Obviously untrue. If this were a fact, then we won’t be here in the first place. Decorative concrete gives you unlimited options for customizing your concrete space. Want a stone pathway but can’t afford the cost? Concrete can be stamped and fitted to look like hand-laid stonework. Concrete can also be colored, textured, and sealed for you to have that “expensive” material that you always wanted for your surface.

Granite Is Better For My Floors/Countertops/Patio

Yeah, well… concrete can look just as nice (better, even.) With a granite surface, you’re eternally stuck with a pre-formed grain and color. With concrete, you can customize everything. And when we say everything, the color can be too. Granite, as pretty as it looks like, is sensitive to spills and stains and other liquids. Over time, it will pit as you use stain-prone materials or food. Decorative concrete won’t suffer this kind of fate; and with the right sealant, these concrete surfaces can last for a lifetime.

Concrete Will Crack Over Time

This is actually a fact BUT this can actually add to the personality of the concrete. If you’re really opposed to it, microtops (a resinous, epoxy topper) can help eliminate these cracks and give you an added touch of personality to your concrete piece.

Decorative Concrete Requires a Lot of Maintenance

Absolutely not! Decorative concrete is actually super easy to take care of. Aside from getting a concrete seal, wiping it down with a gentle cleaner can do the job and you can now get on with whatever it is that you have to do for as long as you want. It’s that simple.