What You Ought to Know about Decorative Concrete Services in Plymouth Meeting

You may not know it yet but concrete resurfacing can significantly change your surroundings. It can make a business building look more sophisticated and it can turn a very simple restaurant into a classy joint. That is the reason is why you should consider checking out all the decorative concrete services being offered by top notch concrete companies in Plymouth Meeting.

Plymouth Meeting Concrete Design

Concrete design is a very complicated art. The concrete, aside from looking good must also meet certain specifications in order to be considered functional: it must have increased compressive strength and decreased tensile strength, it must shrink slowly as it dries up and matures and must be able to handle the tension and shrinkage without having too much cracks.

Plymouth Meeting Concrete Stamping

If you wish to give your home of office building a very homey look, investing in stamped concrete is a good way for you to achieve this look. Through stamped concretes, your floors will take on a classic brick-like look. This will be achieved by adding colors and textures to the concrete. With the help of a professional who can mix the right colors and choose the right texture, you can make your floor look like stone, wood, cobblestone, brick, slate and other designs that may compliment the look of your home and office. It is up to you to choose from a wide variety of patterns and designs. You can even ask for a custom design if you want your floor to have a very unique look.

Plymouth Meeting Concrete Staining

  • Concrete staining is a good way to add color to otherwise boring slabs of concrete in your floor. There are three ways to achieve this look: first is through concrete dyeing and second is through acid staining, and last is through water-based staining.
  • Concrete dyeing is a whole lot cheaper because it only uses printing inks dissolved in a solution that will help the concrete absorb the dye permanently. Although the results that can be achieved are not as colorful as the ones you can get from acid staining, concrete dyeing is still worth a try. It can turn concrete’s dull, gray color into a more appealing work of art. After the concrete dyeing is done, you only have to wait for a few weeks for the concrete’s multiple hues to turn out.
  • Acid staining on the other hand relies on a chemical reaction to achieve the desired effect. What’s great about acid staining is that unlike concrete dyeing, each slab of concrete will have a different hue. A solution which consists of mineral salts, muriatic acid and water will be applied to the concrete will give the concrete an earth-toned hue that will make it more appealing to the eyes. The colors that will come out will depend on how long the concrete was exposed to the solution. After the desired effect is achieved, the solution will be washed off and later neutralized by baking soda or ammonia. When the concrete is already back to its normal ph level, the concrete will be washed again.

Plymouth Meeting Water-based staining

Unlike acid staining and concrete dyeing, the desired effect is achieved by coating the concrete with a water-based solution that contains agents that will bond with the concrete. It is much cheaper and easier compared to the two because it only requires epoxy, acrylic or polymer based products.

Plymouth Meeting Concrete Overlaying

If you want to have your concrete resurfaced without spending too much money or more resources for a re-installation, you can try concrete overlaying. With the help of concrete overlaying, your floors are given stylish concrete toppings that will help change the look and feel of its surface.

Having your concrete floor resurfaced should not be much of a problem. All you have to do is contact a decorative concrete company so that your concrete floors can be treated. You can ask for a quote or have your place inspected so that you will know how much you have to spend in your concrete’s redecoration project. Do not feel bad about the expense you have to pay for this project. After all, there is nothing wrong with wanting to give your floors a little boost especially if it could help liven up the atmosphere of your home and office.