Enhance Your Philadelphia Restaurant Chain Using Decorative Coatings

Decorative coatings in a restaurant chain

Decorative coatings in a restaurant chain

A lot of restaurant owners in Philadelphia have come to appreciate the versatility of decorative coatings. If you own a chain of restaurants, you can create a different look and feel based on each location while maintaining some degree of uniformity.

Simply put, you have multiple options for decorative coatings. Instead of choosing the same product, color, pattern, or texture for your entire chain of restaurants in Philadelphia, you could go with something slightly different for each one. At the same time, you would end up with a flooring system that works with your brand and the type of cuisine served.

As an example, say you have a restaurant in the heart of downtown. With a lot of brick buildings and interior brick walls, you could transform the dining area to match. In this case, a stamped overlay is ideal. For this, a professional installer could use a standard brick pattern or customize one on your behalf to give that particular location a rustic atmosphere.

However, for another restaurant location, one closer to a residential section of Philadelphia, instead of brick, you might consider decorative coatings that mimic the appearance of wood. When combined with bold traditional Italian colors, that establishment has a homier vibe that fits in with the area perfectly.

One additional example would be a restaurant location in an upscale part of Philadelphia. For you to give your patrons a sophisticated and even luxurious experience, you want to select one of the decorative coatings that produce a rich, deep, and glossy surface. A product like SunCanvas is an excellent possibility, although there are others.

By selecting the right product and technique, you can maintain the integrity of your entire Philadelphia restaurant chain yet give each location a unique personality and character. One important thing to remember is that in addition to floors, decorative coatings are perfect for transforming additional surfaces, including walls and countertops