Epoxy Coatings: More Than Just an Option for the Garage Floors in Your Carlisle Home

Epoxy Coatings protect Stained Floors

Epoxy Coatings protect Stained Floors

The majority of people in Carlisle who hear the words, “epoxy coatings,” immediately think of residential or commercial garages. However, if you have another interior space in your home or business that needs updating, this same coating works perfectly. Regardless of the color, texture, or pattern you select, you can turn an ordinary space into something fantastic.

For you to achieve the look you want, remember two key things. First, you need to have a professional installer or contractor do the job, and second, that individual should use a superior quality product, something like SunEpoxy 54 or SunEpoxy 100. With those two things combined, the results will surpass your expectations.

A prime example of the versatility of epoxy coatings is their use in a restaurant in Carlisle. Just as you want your patrons to enjoy an excellent meal and outstanding service, you want to keep your kitchen staff safe. Because your employees deal with spilled food and drinks, grease, water, and other substances, epoxy is perfect. With aggregates added, the surface becomes incredibly slip-resistant.

Another example of using epoxy coatings outside of garages is for a fitness center. With aggregates as part of the formula, you could have this coating applied to locker rooms and even showers. Not only does this improve someone’s footing but because it reduces the risk of an individual falling and sustaining an injury, it lessens your liability as a business owner.

Epoxy coatings are beneficial for your Carlisle home as well. Since this flooring solution is resistant to stains, impact, abrasions, and heavy foot traffic, you might consider having it installed in your family room or basement. With that, your children can play without you worrying about damage. However, because this coating is also beautiful, it makes the perfect choice for surfaces used when entertaining family and friends.

With a broad range of color options, epoxy coatings look stunning in any style of home or business. Although you can still have this coating applied to the garage floor at your Carlisle home, it offers far more diversity.