Hot Trends for Outdoor Living Concrete in Philadelphia for 2019

Outdoor Living Concrete

Outdoor Living Concrete

Outdoor living concrete is a referral to an application of a coating, finish, or overlay to any surface outside. In other words, the hot trends discussed include patios, walkway, front porches, pool decks, and so on in Philadelphia.

Every year, decorative concrete changes, becoming more and more exciting. 2019 is no exception. For both homes and businesses, you can transform any outdoor area by having the project completed by an expert who uses a top-of-the-line product.

  • Cozy Gathering Spaces – Even if you have a small backyard or dining area outside of your Philadelphia home or restaurant, for 2019, you want to make it as cozy as possible. To achieve that, select outdoor living concrete in earth tones and beautiful textures. You could have a stamped surface created that looks like brick or hardwood using a product like SunStamp.
  • Functional Walkways – Another hot trend for 2019 is to create beautiful yet functional walkways. You want visitors to your home or business to feel welcome and at the same time protected from accidental slips and falls. For this, a handcrafted customer overlay enhanced with small aggregates is perfect. That combination ensures a gorgeous walkway with slip-resistant qualities.
  • Color Choices – What makes 2019 so interesting is the color trends for outdoor living concrete. In Philadelphia, experts predict people will gravitate to either bold or subdued colors. You will see vibrant blues, reds, and yellows, as well as multi-colors, mixed in with grays and browns. This coming year, it seems as though there is no middle ground when it comes to colored decorative concrete solutions.

Patterns – Even the patterns people will choose this coming year will differ from 2018. For outdoor living concrete at Philadelphia homes and businesses, the trend is more random designs as opposed to those with structure. For instance, stamped concrete that looks like river rock will have a more eclectic design than what you would expect to see in nature.