How to Revitalize Concrete Surfaces

Concrete surfaces are pretty dull by itself. But thankfully, it is a pretty versatile material. So when you find yourself standing on a worn-out carpet, remove it. Are the wooden floorboards rotting and squeaking? Take it out. Expose the concrete underneath and use that instead. It may not be pretty now but it will be if you revitalize it. But how? Read on for some cool concrete repair Philadelphia solutions that would breathe new life into an old concrete floor.

concrete pool deck coating PhiladelphiaAdd Texture

Adding a uniform texture throughout a concrete surface makes it look newer and more appealing. There are decorative concrete coatings in Philadelphia that you can choose from for indoor and outdoor concrete floors. An acrylic concrete coating, for example, is sprayed onto an old slab and then troweled with a hand trowel. The resulting texture is similar to stucco but a bit smoother.

stamped concrete overlays PhillyIncorporate a Design

A concrete surface becomes a lot more interesting if it has something decorative on it, like a design. Imagine walking on a floor with a basketweave pattern. It makes you want to look at it, right? Decorative concrete overlays in Philadelphia, such as stamped concrete overlay, is a great way to make floors more interesting. There is a wide selection of designs and patterns that can be imprinted on concrete. You can even replicate the look of flagstone, slate, brick, and other expensive paving materials with just a concrete overlay.

polished concrete PhillyMake it Shine

If you prefer the natural look of concrete, so be it. But you can still revitalize it while retaining its classic look. A concrete sealer can instantly make a concrete surface look shiny and new. It is also a good way to protect the slab from further damage. It is highly advisable to consult a professional concrete contractor in Philadelphia to know what type of sealer would work best for your concrete floor. Another way to make concrete surfaces shiny is by having them polished by a pro. The process involves grinding the surface with a series of coarse to fine grinding bits.

stained concrete surface PhillyIntensify the Color

Gray is not necessarily an exciting color. In fact, that particular color is being used to denote gloominess. You can make a concrete surface more vibrant with a good coating of concrete stain. Be it acid or water-based, stains can hide blemishes, ugly stains, and concrete discoloration. You can use one color or apply multiple hues in layers or in a pattern.