Pottstown, PA Pool Deck Resurfacing : Sundek Classic Texture

Sundek of PA offers concrete pool deck refinishing services in the Pottstown area. We are the leading installer of Sundek products in the region. We provide expert installations using high quality Sundek coatings. Based on many years of successful experience in the area, we guarantee that we can excellently provide services to improve any residential or commercial location.

Pottstown,PA pool deck
We offer a wide range of pool deck resurfacing services. We can repair worn surfaces; seal splits and cracks, and apply protective coatings. We can renew an older installation with fresh coatings in the customer’s choice of color. This method gives a new appearance to an older installation. We can also perform custom installations and repairs.

We can install a new surface or do a complete resurfacing with Sundek Classic Texture. This remarkable product adds texture, improves traction, protects against overheating surfaces, and beautifies the area. It is available in the customer’s choice of colors, and its mosaic pattern blends repair lines. We offer services tailored to the customer’s needs, and we emphasize customer service and complete satisfaction.

We at Sundek of PA are glad to answer questions and provide detailed information on our pool deck resurfacing products and installation services. We encourage area residents to call (888) 491-2200 or fill out the online contact form. For either way, our courteous and knowledgeable staff is standing-by to assist customers, answer all inquiries, and provide quotes upon request. We provide detailed information about our products and services, and we offer a free estimate. Please call or contact us online today to arrange an inspection and free estimate.