Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Westchester

walkway-resurfacingOld concrete surfaces can use a little color—especially dull, boring gray concrete. With the technology available today, resurfacing and decoration makes it easier to remodel concrete. How would you like to see a plain, gray slab transformed into richly colored concrete surfaces with deep earth tones that simulate expensive decorative rocks such as slate, marble, and granite? With these products, you do not only add more style to plain floors and walls, you also get to save thousands of dollars in the process.

In the town of Westchester, for example, many homeowners are now using staining and overlay procedures to make their concrete surfaces more interesting. Among the most popular products are stamped concrete. The procedure involved pouring concrete over an area in the house and before the concrete settles and hardens, a concrete stamp is used to imprint various rock-like designs on the concrete. The most common designs include eco fan, cobblestone, brick imprints, and random stone. In the process, the concrete acquires the pattern from the  stamp. At this point, the homeowner may choose to leave it that way or to add more components to the concrete such as acid stains to add color to the surface.

In applying stains, a sprayer is used to evenly coat the surface with the desired amount of acid stain. Protective gears are needed during application which is why many contractors advise individuals to leave acid staining to professionals. After all, hiring a contractor will not only ensure safe application of acid stains, they are also the best people to do so because if the expansive experience they have in applying decorative stains on concrete.

These days, garage refinishing is fast becoming a popular product in the Westchester area. With the promise of more durable, more stain-resistant floors, homeowners are responding to refinishing advertisements faster than any other product was able to achieve before. Besides resistance to deterioration, refinished garage are also able to hide old stains in the garage. In fact, this is the main purpose of refinishing coats: to hide stains in old surfaces. It makes for a practical product when surfaces are still in good condition except for some undesirable stains. After application, your garage will look as if it was never touched by car oil and grease. This is a great option for garage owners who tried to remove stains in their floors but were not successful in doing so.

Hundreds and thousands of satisfied consumers attest to these products in decorating plain concrete surfaces. If you want the same for your family home, this is probably the best time to reach resurfacers and contractors within your town.

Sundek of PA provides not only products but also the manpower needed in resurfacing and in decorating concrete surfaces. Choose from among the different staining colors and stamp patterns that we offer and contact us to request for a quote. We provide services for residential and commercial entities and work on various areas of the home such as the garage, driveways, pool decks, walkways, patios, and even interior floors.