Ideal Acrylic Cement Coating: Sundek Classic Texture

Downington,PA Sundek Classic TextureSundek of PA offers acrylic cement coating installations in the Downingtown, PA area. With years of successful experience in this charming, four-season region, we understand the effects of heat, rain, and ice on concrete surfaces. An unfinished cement surface can flake, chip, crack, and split. Using Sundek Classic Texture, we resurface your concrete to add color and a long-lasting protective sealant. This treatment will improve the appearance of an ordinary surface while protecting it against weather.

The exceptional coating is also used for older sealed installations. This process, known as refinishing adds new color and protection by re-coloring and re-sealing a faded site. The result is a fresh style and a like-new appearance. Sundek Classic Texture is also perfect for a total resurfacing of any surface. Especially for pool decks and patio areas, this change brings impressive results like giving it a slip-free surface. Homeowners will amaze guests and neighbors with the stunning use of texture, shades, and patterns. One can customize to personal tastes or they can also choose in our templates to produce patterns like brick, tile, or stone. In driveway, walkway and entryway applications, one should note the improvement in foot traction and safety in wet conditions. Particularly in driveways, the process will protect against oil and chemical stains; it prevents them from soaking into the surface. This preserves appearance but also reduces costly and time-consuming maintenance.

At Sundek of PA, we encourage calls and questions from area residents about our unique acrylic cement coating. Please call (610)624-4309, we have staff standing by to answer inquiries, respond to requests for quotes, and arrange free estimates. You can also fill out our request quote form here in our website.