Have An Eye-Catching Flooring Design With Concrete Staining

Downingtown,PA Interior FloorSundek of PA is proud to offer its Downingtown-area commercial and residential clients concrete staining products that can transform the look of their hard surfaces. Decorative surfaces is a rapidly growing form of property improvement. This relatively quick and cost-effective technique can dramatically alter and enhance the appeal and appearance of your property.

Turn a monotonous gray slab into one with a unique eye catching design with an acrylic or acid stain. Make a plain surface look like marble, tile or stone with the installation of faux seams and grout lines. We can also create a number of abstract themes or patterns. The new design is protected with the addition of a durable clear finish.

These beautiful, luxurious finishes are suitable for new and existing surfaces. Stains are not paint. They react with the minerals within the surface to produce a resilient, low-maintenance, long-lasting appearance. The process can be applied to floors, driveways and entranceways as well as walkways, patios and pool decks. In many cases, it can be applied over an existing decorative surface to create a brand new look.

SunAcid creates a translucent speckled coating resistant to cracking or peeling. A proprietary water-based polymer with liquid pigments, SunH20 adheres to the surface creating a new personalized look that can be tailored to complement or match the architectural details of your home or business. Available in a water- or acetone-soluble formula, SunDye can economically either change an interior surface during a renovation or make over to create the look of an expensive floor at a fraction of the cost.

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