Decorative Concrete in Downingtown, PA


Have you been introduced to the wonders of concrete? If that sounds like a strange choice of words, it’s time to find out what Sundek of PA can do for your home or business. Choose an installer who knows Downingtown: Meet some of the industry’s most trusted experts.

Sundek of PA is Philadelphia’s exclusive Sundek dealer. Contractors have more than 20 years of experience in your area, and the company boasts a coveted A+plus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Past meets present in Downingtown

Downingtown is a city where appreciation for the past melds with the energy of the future. Just as the Lincoln Highway connects two U.S. coasts, Sundek of PA brings knowledge and expertise to preserving history while infusing fresh trends, technologies and designs into all residential or commercial assignments.Whether you’re interested in embarking on a brand-new concrete project or are renovating one of Downingtown’s beautiful historic structures, Sundek of PA has the resources and materials you need.

Stamped concrete overlays

Have you always wished your property featured flagstones, pavers, wood, stone or limestone instead of plain concrete? Ask about stamped concrete overlays from Sundek of PA, and enjoy new designs and textures installed on top of your existing surface. No one will ever know you didn’t spend more on pricier materials, but you’ll notice a pleasant difference in your wallet.

Concrete resurfacing

If your home or business is one of the many structures in Downingtown suffering from cracked, chipped or flaking concrete, talk to the experts at Sundek of PA about resurfacing your property today. Contractors can also refurbish your surfaces with decorative overlays and coatings to give your surroundings new vitality.

Concrete staining

Concrete is by nature a highly porous substance, making stains extremely easy to apply. Choose water-based or acid stains for distinctive looks that will give an instant makeover you can expect to last for years.

Sundek Classic Texture

A summer pool deck is hardly a picnic when it’s too hot for bare feet. Ask Sundek of PA about Sundek Classic Texture, a time-tested product that will keep your poolside noticeably cooler than a regular deck.

Polyurea polyaspartic floor coatings

Your floors bear your tread through every stain, chip or accident, but they don’t have to look damaged and tired. Consult Sundek of PA about a variety of floor coatings that can add aesthetic appeal to your property while saving you time on cleaning and maintenance.

Epoxy floors

Is your garage floor neglected to the point that you’ve begun keeping your doors closed to keep neighbors from seeing? Epoxy flooring might be the best decision you’ll make, and your floors will look brand-new for years.

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