Time for Pool Deck Refinishing!

SDownington PA pool deckundek of PA can help you with the pool deck refinishing that you have been looking for. Your Downingtown, PA home is exposed to all kinds of weather throughout the year. With rain in the spring and summer and snow in the winter, it’s important to coat your concrete. We can also add a non-slip concrete pool deck coating to ensure your safety.

Throughout your residential area, you compete with neighbors to have the best looking home. While you may have the best curb appeal, what does it look like around the pool? We have a Sundek Classic Texture that can go on to create a no slip surface and add color. You can choose the color that works best for the overall style of your home.

Resurfacing can be done easily. When we come in, we will apply the coating to the concrete. If you already have a coating and it is in good condition, we can also apply a new color to improve the overall look of your outdoor living space. If there are cracks and chips in the concrete, we can also talk to you about a decorative overlay to add a new look to your pool deck.

Call us today at (888) 491-2200 for a FREE estimate for your deck refinishing. You can also visit our website to fill out the form to request a quote. This will allow us to find out more about your home and provide you with an explanation of the services that we offer. We can enhance your Downingtown, Brandywine, or Westchester home and look forward to doing so!