Decorative Concrete Doylestown

balcony-sundek-classic-texture-paAre you looking for a concrete contractor who can work on your business establishment? If you are, then you should consider giving us a try. Sundek of PA services Doylestown area, has mastered the art of concrete resurfacing. They offer cheap services which are guaranteed to give great and lasting results.

Concrete Design

You may not be aware of it but companies really take pride in what they do. This is why they treat every concrete resurfacing job as if it’s a high-paying project that must be done perfectly without causing too much hassle on your part. What used to be dull concrete slabs can be turned into a work of art that will be admired by your customers and copied by your competitors.

Concrete Stamping

We have invested in equipments that can help give your floors an expensive look. With the help of a technique which requires tremendous concentration, your plain floor can be turned into something more attractive that looks like cobblestone. What’s great is that these companies can offer several options for your floor. You can choose a stone floor that will complement your building’s structure or you can choose stamps that look like wood, slate or stone. And if you feel that none of these choices are enough to turn your floor into an elegant masterpiece, you can ask these companies to create custom made stamps that will be added to your floor. This could be a little costly though, so ask for a quote before you order anything. After all, new patterns and stamps will have to be created in order to give you the results that you want for your floor.

Concrete Stains

Concrete staining is another service that you should check out. With the help of this process, you can give your floor a very mottled look. This is the best choice if you want a restoration job which is so perfect it’s hard to tell whether it was recently made or if it’s actually the real thing.

Concrete Dyes

Concrete dyeing is an affordable service that will suit any business establishment. With the help of inks which are specifically designed for concrete slabs, you can have a driveway that looks like it was ripped from another time. What’s great about dyeing is that you do not have to worry about the colors going overboard. Since the dyes only come in several hues of gray and nothing more, you never have to worry about your driveway not being able to blend in to your business establishment’s look. And since the dyes tend to hold for several years before they fade, you don’t have to worry at all about maintenance.

Acid Stains

Acid stains tend to be expensive because they require special agents that will promote chemical reaction in order to achieve the desired effect. A healthy mixture of water, muriatic acid and mineral salts is applied on the concrete in order to facilitate the reaction. After a maximum of four hours,the concrete slabs are washed and treated generously with ammonia in order to neutralize the effect of the chemical reaction. After this process, they are treated with water and some cleansing agent until its ph level stabilizes and goes back to normal. The sensitivity and complexity of this job make it one of the hardest concrete resurfacing techniques ever developed. However, Sundek of PA is highly equipped with professionals who always get the job done.

Water-based stains

An alternative to dyes and acid stains is water-based staining. Although this service is cheaper, it actually requires more maintenance on your part because the stains produced by acrylic, epoxy and polymer tend to fade away when the concrete is exposed to harsh weather conditions. However, if you are the type of businessman who likes to change the look of his establishment from time to time, then this option could work out perfectly for you.

Concrete Overlays

Concrete overlays are cheap and are often recommended to business owners who rent their establishment. Overlays which are made from stones and marbles can be easily installed and removed from your floors.