Easy Installation Flooring Options In King of Prussia, PA

Garage Floor Services In King of Prussia PASundek of PA can help King of Prussia residents find a solution for their garage flooring. Epoxy coating is the most popular because of its drying period. In addition, polyurea polyaspartic coatings can be done in almost any temperature.

There are lots of places in King of Prussia, PA where a polyurea polyaspartic coating would look good. This city tends to have very warm summers and the temperatures can reach into the high 90’s at times. The winters on the other hand can get very cold at times. We have had temperatures into the single digits already. This can make it hard for anything to get done. In this state, the temperatures are unpredictable. The weather report might call for rain, but it will be sunny at 75 degrees out. When trying to add new garage floor coatings, this can become stressful. The other types of flooring solutions cannot be applied in extreme temperatures, but it does have a few things going for it.

Most people choose Epoxy to do their flooring, because it has worked for so many years. It is easy to apply. It is resistant to almost any type of chemical that it might come into contact with. Some people like to work on their own cars in their garage. This type of flooring will stand up to the abuse that mechanics give it. Some nice chipped particles can hide imperfections in the finish. The Polyurea option needs to have a perfectly dry surface to apply on. Most people do not have this.

Garage floors need a surface that can last for a long time. Both of these options would be great for any garage flooring application. Call us at (888) 491-2200 or fill the request form in this page for a free estimate today!