Budget-Friendly Acrylic Cement Coating

Mainline,PA Acrylic Cement CoatingSundek of PA, an established concrete contractor in Pennsylvania offers a unique acrylic cement coating for your concrete surfaces. Adding an acrylic coating to your tired and weathered looking pool deck is a budget-friendly way to restore your deck. Pennsylvania isn’t known for high temperatures and sunny days, but you know that having a deck lets you entertain friends, host parties, stay in shape and just relax at home. What you might not know is that your pool chemicals can eat through concrete and cement surfaces, which leads to cracks, chips and other types of damage. Thanks to our coating, you can now get the look that you want at an affordable price.

Not Just for Decks

Our Sundek Classic Texture is perfect for all types of concrete surfaces, including a patio, driveway or even your entryway. Once applied, it forms a protective seal over the top of your concrete. It keeps oil and darker liquids from staining cement, but it also keeps chemicals from penetrating into the space. We can custom blend the product to make it the color that you want. Why pay for an expensive paint job or stain that will just wash away during a future rainstorm? Our product seals your concrete area and comes in the color that you want.

Mainline Residents Can Call Today

Here at Sundek of PA, we specialize in helping those living in Mainline, PA and surrounding areas. Our acrylic cement coating can bring a dull, faded or damaged pool deck back to life, but it also works great on an entryway, driveway or patio. Let Sundek Classic Texture restore your outdated concrete entertaining areas. Make an appointment to talk with us about your needs. You can call us directly at (610)624-4309 to find out more.