Concrete Floors That Are Never Outdated

Newtown Square, PA  Concrete Front Entry ResurfacingSundek of PA is proud to offer our Newtown Square customers an acrylic cement coating and other concrete resurfacing products that will transform the look of their hardscape such as patios, pool decks, driveways and entryways. Although it is versatile, durable and easily installed, concrete can crack, chip and flake over time in response to changes in the weather and normal wear and tear as well as become stained by fuel, oil and chemical spills. In addition to looking unsightly, these deformities can be a safety hazard. With improvements in technology, there is no need to break up and remove an old surface. It can be resurfaced with products and coatings such as Sundek Classic Texture.

A surface in good condition may just need a face-lift. With a variety of overlays available in a range of colors and stencils, the once drab gray slab can become an architectural focal point of a home or business. The new surface can have the appearance of stone, tile and other masonry or a uniquely designed pattern. The coating can save time as well as money.

At Sundek of PA, we have years of experience repairing, resurfacing and installing hardscape surfaces. Our skilled team can refinish and reseal your hardscape surfaces with Sundek Classic Texture. This cost-effective overlay can bring your surface back to life. Contact us at (888) 491-2200 for a free, no-obligation estimate on how we can transform the look of your surface.