Garage floor coating options in Newtown Square, PA

Newtown Square, PA garage coating ideaSundek of PA makes it easy to get the dream home you’ve always wanted by improving your concrete flooring. You may love everything about your Newtown Square home – except for the garage.  Bare concrete or cinder block and lots of stains can look less than appealing.

Sundek of PA offers two different types of garage floor coatings. The first is a water-based epoxy that can be slip resistant. It is durable to stains and won’t show tire marks. The second is polyurea polyaspartic coating. This can also be slip resistant and is more durable and abrasion resistant. It is designed for more industrial uses where you may be using various chemicals. It can also be applied in extreme cold and hot conditions.

Aside from those, you can also choose the color of your flooring. We can apply a solid color or enhance it with flecks of vinyl or quarts. From there, it will be scattered across the flooring with a top coat of clear to seal it in. Your floor can now have the appearance of terrazzo or granite for something spectacular.

Newtown Square is a beautiful area of Pennsylvania. All four seasons are represented. Whether you enjoy watching the leaves change colors and fall or you enjoy building snowmen in the front yard, there will be times when you go through the garage. If you leave it open, you don’t want people staring at old oil stains.

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