Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Norristown

stained-concrete-basement-plymouth-meeting-paPlain, gray, expansive concrete surface in your home in Norristown?

That might work if you were living in the 90s. Bare concrete surfaces are a thing of the past. Currently, experts in the field of concrete production have already developed products that could transform ordinary concrete  into surfaces with stunningly rich colors and varied intricate designs and patterns. What makes it better is that these products are very simple to use—some products are even designed for DIY projects. With minimal training, ordinary individuals without any background on concrete designing are able to create great concrete surfaces. Among the most popular examples of resurfacing products are the following:

Concrete Staining

Staining, specifically acid staining, is one of the most widely used techniques in concrete decoration in many parts of the world. Inexpensive, easily accessible, and with various shades and designs, homeowners have a wide array of acid staining products to choose from. What makes this product more interesting though is that acid application generates capricious results. With volatile chemical reactions between the acid and the surface where it is applied, acid application is bound to produce uniquely colored surfaces that a lot of homeowners love. Furthermore, the porous material of concrete surfaces allow the acid stain to penetrate deep down to the concrete slab which produces deep, multitoned hues that makes it more attractive than ordinary concrete paint application. Acid stained concrete mimics weathered natural stones in appearance—paving the way for budget-conscious homeowners to use acid staining as an alternative to the use of naturally decorative stones. This is also good news for people who discourage quarrying for natural stones.

Another common decorative procedure is stamped concrete. What it does is basically to create impressions on wet concrete using rubber stamps that then give the concrete its design. Among the most popular rubber stamp patterns are rattan weave, cobblestone, euro fan, and random stone. After creating patterns on the concrete, homeowners can then use acid stain to bring out deep, weathered surface colors. These two concrete design procedures are a very powerful combination in creating beautifully designed patios, pool decks, and driveways.

Besides the aesthetic appeal of stamped surfaces, it is one of the products that are known to last a very long time. It is very low maintenance and can easily be cleaned. Using this product for driveways and pool decks is perfect since stamping and acid staining both deter wear and tear on the concrete thereby prolonging its lifespan. So staining does not only decorate plain concrete but it also helps in minimizing its maintenance costs.

Sundek of PA provides services for both residential and commercial surfaces like pool deck, garage, interior floor, driveways, and walkways. Through these products and techniques, resurfacing companies are able to revamp floors and other surfaces in many homes.