Acrylic Cement Coating For Your Outdoor Living Space

Brandwine, PA Acrylic coatingSundek of PA knows that using an acrylic cement coating on your patio or pool deck is one of the easiest ways to keep those areas looking their best especially on the rough winter season. When you live in another area that has a lot of sunshine, you can feel a little better about letting your deck go a few extra years without sealing it again. The harsh winters of Pennsylvania require that you take care of your concrete driveway, entryway and other surfaces.

Though concrete is a durable material, it suffers from a problem during the winter and spring months. When your sealant chips or breaks, it leaves the concrete exposed to ice and snow. The moisture seeps into the concrete, the moisture freezes and the concrete cannot compensate for the constant freezing and thawing that occurs. Brandywine,PA residents should know that Sundek Classic Texture provides a solution to their concrete problems.

Using Sundek Classic Texture

This unique product works as both a sealant and a decorative coating. Let’s face it, your concrete surfaces probably don’t look as great today as when you first laid down those surfaces. Our product can fill in chips and cracks, create a smooth and even texture on the surface and give you the look of a brand new pool deck or patio for a fraction of the cost. We can even apply our coating to your entryway or driveway if you used a sealant or decorative coating in the past. To find out more about our acrylic cement coating and why it’s the right choice for your home, give us a call at (610)624-4309.