Sundek’s Unique Acrylic Cement Coating

King of Prussia, PA Sundek Classic TextureSundek of PA provides customers with a unique acrylic cement coating for surfaces like a patio or driveway. Sundek Classic Texture can create a new attractive surface. Besides this, it will last for many years.

People in and around King of Prussia will discover that the acrylic cement coating that we use on concrete can provide an amazingly durable surface. Constant foot traffic is to be expected on a pool deck, walkway or entryway. Therefore, the coating by Sundek provides a nice surface that can prevent slips and is cool to walk on during the summer months. Customers like how they can choose a specific look, design and color for their new surface.

A concrete surface may have received damage due to the sun, constant use and other types of circumstances. Chipping or flakes may be the result of such damage. In addition to this, some surfaces have cracks that can be dangerous or unsightly. Part of the services that we offer includes taking care of these things while keeping the integrity of the surface. After we have addressed the surface issues, we put on a new application to make it look new. A deck may need to be resealed due to constant wear and sun exposure. We take care of faded spots and reseal an area. Our work is fast and the results are wonderful.

King of Prussia citizens and businesses are always welcome to contact us to learn more about our services and the PA acrylic cement coating. Give us a call today. Receive an estimate free on our Sundek services by calling (888) 491-2200. You can also fill out a request quote form available here in our website.