Mainline, PA Garage Floor Options: Epoxy or Polyurea Polyaspartic

garage flooring in mainlineSundek of PA can help you get the garage flooring that you’ve always dreamed of for your Mainline, PA home. We offer epoxy or polyurea polyaspartic coating to ensure a durable flooring.

Mainline experiences a lot of different weather patterns. You have snow in the winter, the hot sun throughout the spring and summer, and rain in the late summer and fall. There are lots of beautiful communities in the area and when you look around at your neighbors’ homes, you probably want to have a better garage floor than they do.

One reason you may have avoided a sealant in the past is because you don’t want it slick from rain or melted snow. We can add grit to the base so it’s hyper anti-slip. The colors are diverse as well. You can choose gray, tan and even brighter colors. Vinyl and quartz can be added with a clear coat to give the appearance of granite as well as terrazo.

We will help you choose between epoxy and polyurea polyaspartic. The latter cures faster and is more durable.It can also stand even the most severe weather  conditions. It is also easy to clean and easy to maintain.

You deserve a garage flooring that’s easy to take care of. Call us today at (888) 491-2200 and get a free estimate. You can also check us out at where you can see some of our past projects and learn more extensively about the services we offer.