Upgrading Your Home With Concrete Resurfacing

Malvern, PA Pool Deck ResurfacingSundek of PA offers concrete resurfacing products and services in the Malvern, Pennsylvania area. We have had many successful years in this scenic region, and we are familiar with its distinct four-season weather. Area homeowners must protect cement surfaces against summer heat and winter freezing. Based on years of experience, we can recommend services to meet customer needs.

We feature total resurfacing with Sundek Classic Texture. This remarkable product improves foot safety in wet conditions; mutes surface heat buildups, and resists stains. In driveway applications, it has the added benefit of resisting soaked-in oil stains and reducing maintenance costs. Homeowners can customize the textured coatings to resemble high-end materials such as brick, stone, and tiles. Unfinished cement surfaces can crack, flake and split due to freezing, heat and airborne chemicals. We recommend our high-quality acrylic cement coatings to add color and a fresh appearance. We can transform an ordinary drab cement area into an appealing, colorful, and long-lasting finish. If there is an older sealed installation, we can refresh the area. We can re-tint the location in the customer’s choice of colors, and re-seal it for protection against weathering. The result of this process is a like-new appearance.

At Sundek of PA, we invite telephone inquiries about our high-quality line of concrete resurfacing products and skillful installation services. Please call (610)624-4309, we are waiting to answer questions, respond to requests, and arrange free estimates. Those seeking price information about work at home or business locations can fill out a request for quote form here. By phone or Email, our first-class customer service begins with the first contact. Please call or email today.