Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Malvern

pool-deck-resurfacing-brandywine-paGray, boring concrete is definitely out. Good thing, the new millennia opened possibilities to transform these concrete surfaces into interesting and colorful concrete walls and floors. Using simple to use products such as stamp overlays and acid stains, every day there is one less boring concrete surface in Malvern.

Stamp Concrete Overlay

Overlays usually have three to four primary components. It consists of acrylic resins that provide structure to the stamp concrete, cement which acts as a binder for all of the stamp concrete ingredients, and the color pigment which lends color to the concrete overlay. A glossy top coat is sometimes included as the fourth component in the overlay systems. This also acts as a sealant which prevents water from penetrating the overlay. Depending on the specifications of the client, this fourth component may or may not be included in the mixture.

Experts say that before the application of the mixture over the old concrete, the surface must be cleaned well with warm soap and water to remove any dirt that may interfere with the settling and hardening of the product. If needed, the surface must be scrubbed and dried before any layer of stamped concrete is placed. Dust, mold, rocks, and even biodegradable materials may cause a lot of changes in the products

Concrete staining is also called acid staining. The process is very easy to follow and can even be done by untrained individuals, though contractors suggest that DIYers leave this process to the pros. The acid used to create various designs and colors in the concrete surface must be meticulously handled and might not be taken care of by untrained individuals.

It starts with cleaning the surface prior to applying the acid that will give the surface its color. The shade and the marbled designs that will be created is dependent on various factors such as the mineral content of the concrete, the amount and the percentage of acid present in the mixture, and the number of acid coating applied.

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Durable, attractive, affordable. For the most part, people will buy a product that combines these three wonderful characteristics—especially when it comes to decorative concrete coating. Luckily, homeowners and contractors need not search or develop a product that possesses these three traits. With the introduction of epoxy floors, the best of both function and aesthetics is merged into one powerful product that already transformed thousands of simple surfaces into decorative facades.

In Malvern alone, a lot of homeowners are thankful to epoxy floor coatings for a great alternative to natural stones. Epoxy allowed these homeowners to achieve surface designs that mimic the look and feel of naturally occurring stones and minerals at a much lower price.

Sundek of PA offers the best products and services when it comes to decorating and resurfacing concrete. We welcome both residential and commercial entities in Malvern who want to have their patios, interior floors, driveways, walkways, and pool decks revamped and remodeled.