Elegant Concrete Staining Applications

Malvern, PA Stained ConcreteSundek of PA offers some amazing solutions for those looking for concrete staining. Though you might think that these products are only suitable for outdoor use, many work just as well indoors. With the right staining products, you can easily hide those oil stains in your garage or make your garage look a little warmer when turning it into a usable room. Other dyes and products work well on those concrete floors in your basement. Ordinary gray cement floors can make your home feel cold and boring, but adding a new color makes that room more inviting and welcoming.

SunAcid is one of the products designed for indoor use that looks great in Malvern, PA homes. We can apply this right to the top of treated concrete. The dye will penetrate deep into the surface and stain it from the inside to the outside, which results in lasting color. SunH20 is another option that you can use on an existing floor. After applying this liquid color to your floors and letting it dry, we’ll add a coat of clear sealant on top. You might also opt for SunDye, which we can use with some of our tools to create a more decorative finish.

Before making your decision, you’ll likely want to know how much staining  will cost. The best way to find out the exact cost of your job is with one of our free estimates. Let us talk with you about the job and decide which of our products is right for your Malvern home. Use our contact form or call us at (610)624-4309 to talk with us about your concrete staining wants, wishes and needs.