Malvern, PA Garage Flooring Options

A lot of Malvern residents have garage floor coatings that have been around since the town’s population boom in 1950s. Given the long history, it is not surprising that some of those old buildings and homes are beginning to show their age, too. However, owners of these older buildings don’t have to suffer from stained or damaged concrete surfaces. Why? Here’s Sundek of PA to help you. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the company has been helping residents of Southeastern Pennsylvania with those kinds of repair needs.

Malvern PA Garage Flooring
Meet Polyurea Polyaspartic Coating

Most people who decide to improve concretes use an epoxy coating. Often applied in a DIY manner, this type of flooring gives great improvement to plain concrete floors. It gives a better look and it lasts longer than uncoated surfaces. However, when it comes to garage floor options and showroom options, polyurea polyaspartic are even better. It can never be damaged by sunlight and it has greater resistance to heat and cold.

This finish also retains the high-gloss look even after years of use. Consumers can even choose a solid color for the application or can be given a faux granite or a terrazzo finish.

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