Customized Stamped Patterns For Your Concrete Surfaces

Newtown, PA Sunstamp DrivewaySundek of PA can help you with all of your stamped concrete needs. Why pay thousands of dollars to rip out your existing deck and make space for a new deck, when we can get the job done without removing your old deck first? Most companies will say that they must break up the old cement surface with hammers and other tools. They’ll also tell you that you need to pay for an expensive frame and tons of other things. We believe that Newtown Square, PA residents deserve the right to have better looking surfaces at a lower price.

Using your existing concrete helps us keep the cost down. Instead of destroying and removing the concrete, we’ll power wash it first. This removes the top layer and exposes the grittier cement beneath, which our product adheres to quickly. Once we apply that, we can create the finished design on top.

You’ll find hundreds of different designs and colors available to you. If you love the look of brick, you might select a red brick stamped concrete finish and a design that stamps decorative brick shapes on the surface. You can also choose a more natural look. After picking a neutral color, we can create a design that mimics the look of field stones, granite or another natural stone. We’ll even work with you to ensure that you select a design that you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Residents of Newtown Square can reach us in several ways. Fill out our email form here in our page to reach us over the Internet, or call us at (610)624-4309. When you call us or use our email form, you can learn more about stamped concrete and get a free estimate.