Enhanced Outdoor Flooring With Acrylic Cement Coating

Pottstown, PA Acrylic Cement CoatingSundek of PA brings affordable maintenance options for concrete surfaces to homeowners in your neighborhood by installing acrylic cement coatings. We use Sundek Classic Texture to create a protective coating over new or existing patios, driveways and entryways. Our coatings are textured and slip resistant, making them ideal for pool decks and high-traffic areas. They also remain cool to the touch in direct sunlight.

Our acrylic coatings come in several different colors and patterns, and we can combine them with many different concrete treatments for a customized look. Available applications include Tuscan, masonry and aggregate effects, and we can also provide custom score lines.

These coatings are an affordable way to treat and maintain new cement surfaces. They are also great for sealing and rejuvenating the appearance of aging surfaces. Additionally, our installers can update existing acrylic coatings that are faded or out of fashion by using our refinishing technique. As long as the existing coating is in good condition, we can inject new color and reseal the surface, leaving it looking like new.

From our website, you can learn more about acrylic cement coatings available in Pottstown, PA. For further information and to get your own free quote, please call us at (610)624-4309. We look forward to helping you update and maintain your concrete surfaces. Let us show you how acrylic coatings can make the great outdoors even greater.