Better Surfaced Cement Floor With Sundek’s Acrylic Coating

Vorhees, PA Sundek Classic TextureSundek of PA can help ensure you have the best acrylic cement coating for your surfaces at your residential home or commercial property. The type of coating we use is known as Sundek Classic Texture which will lock in all the protection your surface needs from high temperatures and extreme weather conditions. We work with residents  in Vorhees, PA and surrounding areas.

Let us help you create the design or colors that you want for your surfaces. We can help you change the look of your patios, pool decks, entryways, walkways, driveways, and any other surfaces that you have for either your home or business. Once the design has been chosen, we will use Sundek Classic Texture to lock in the protection it needs to look brand new at all times. We use this product on both new or existing surfaces. It also ensures that the surface will stay cool to the touch during high temperatures and is smooth to walk on. It is slip-resistant which is great when the surface gets wet.

For a free estimate, be sure to contact our company at (888) 491-2200. Our website, offers additional information regarding the products we use and the types of services we offer in your area. You may fill out a contact us form in order for a representative of ours to contact you back to answer any questions that you have. Call us today to get started on turning your boring surface into a real piece of art.