Polyurea Polyaspartic, What is it? A New Innovation in Coating Technology

A lot of people are not familiar with the material may ask, “Polyurea polyaspartic, what is it?” This is actually one of the latest products in the revolutionary coating technology. It has become progressively more familiar among devisors, and those who draw up specifications, as well as among installers in the coating business. They have learned to distinguish this material from others such as polyurethane. Polyaspartic is a kind of polyurea. Incidentally, a polyurea is comprised of two system parts. It has sealing wax combined with a catalyst. This is to generate the curing effect that makes the substance become firm for more effective applications.

Uses of polyurea polyaspartic

For those who want to know more about the product and inquire, polyurea polyaspartic, what is it? This product has only been recently launched in the market. It has proven to have immense potential for enhancing concrete since it has demonstrated a lot of its innovative qualities in the sealer technology. Suppliers and service providers are presently making use of this product as clear coat on finishes of various concretes. Some application experiments were made as well on surface slab-on-grade as decorative media.

This product is intended for use as a color stabilizer and for gloss retention. It is chemically resistant as well as resilient to scratches or abrasions and corrosions when used as top coating. It can be used over urethane, zinc, epoxy, and even to scented polyurea.

Application techniques

A polyaspartic has different application methods. It can be applied using plural component spray, airless spray, brush and roller, conventional spray, or cold low pressure spray. In applying this product, it allows a devisor to regulate the rate of curing reaction which gives the task more flexibility. Hence, the material’s useable life or working period can range from five minutes up to a hundred and twenty minutes or two hours. This would depend on the person working with the material and application method used.

Durability and strength of the product

Fast drying floor coating is the ultimate resolve for floor applications that require fast and accurate finishes. A lot of companies have started to use polyurea polyaspartic and have been offering this coating material to provide a durable finish for various floor types. This coating has demonstrated to be more resilient to different temperature ranges and levels of humidity in comparison with polyurethanes or epoxy, and others. It provides the strength needed for the applications.

Advantages of use

Polyurea polyaspartic, what is it? Functioning as a sealer, it helps in regulating costs in coating by immensely reducing the curing process and adding in resilience and stability. This product can extend the service duration in different application techniques as well as in a variety of natural and environmental conditions. Furthermore, the quicker drying periods and increased film builds obtained in varying application directions using spray, brush, or roller converts into quick return to service and improvements in the whole gamut of efficiency and output. In comparison to other materials, polyurea polyaspartic has better flexibility in terms of applications. The material is also able to work effectively with a wide range of generic coatings used in the industry by contractors.