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Tips for Protecting Decorative Concrete

In many cases, the actual application of decorative concrete products is not overly complicated. It does require experience, however, so you should always hire a licensed concrete contractor to do the job. After the decorative concrete has been installed, make sure that it is sealed and finished to protect it against weather, sun and normal wear and tear.

To protect your decorative concrete surfaces, choose a Sundek product, like the SunColor or SunSand acrylic finish or SunClear eco-friendly sealers. The SunColor system is a water-based finish coat that can be applied over fresh concrete to increase durability and to decrease maintenance – it can be paired with colors or aggregates for a customized look. The SunSand system serves a similar purpose with the addition of aggregates to add texture and nonslip performance to your decorative concrete surface.

If you are looking for a simple way to protect your indoor concrete flooring and to decrease maintenance, the SunClear EcoProtect system might be what you need. It is completely clear, so it won’t interfere with your color, and it offers excellent gloss retention. The SunClear UltraProtect system offers enhanced impact resistance, making it ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

When you are ready to install or update your decorative concrete surfaces, make sure to call Sundek of North Central Florida. Sundek is the area’s leading producer and dealer of decorative concrete products, so you can rest assured that when you shop Sundek, you will be working with the best in the business.