Quick Ideas for a Small Patio


If you have a small outdoor space, but still want to have a patio, don’t worry! You can still build on your ideas and have a small patio! Sundek of PA is a trusted decorative concrete contractor in Philadelphia who does all kinds of concrete resurfacing services regardless of size! A patio doesn’t have to be large and extra spacious for you to enjoy having one. Just have a small outdoor space, fresh air, a nice view (and probably a grill) and you’re good to go!

First thing that you should consider is to decide the shape of your patio. If your space is not that big, this could be very easy. But if you have a large one, you could try to play along with how your patio is going to look like.

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Patio Colors

As with any kind of small space, you should always use light colors and patterns. This is so that your space won’t appear small (as it is already). The light/neutral colors will make your space look bigger and wider. For additional “color” or “attitude” to your patio, you can try having accent pieces like planters, vases and other decorative objects.

Patio Flooring

After deciding on how you want your patio to look like, the next thing to consider is what material to use in building it. There are many choices as to what kind of material to use. These can fit into every budget and preference. For a traditional feel, use bricks. For a little kick, try using pavers.

But if you want to have the strongest, most durable type of patio floor, concrete is always the number one choice. But if you consider concrete as its own singular material, it would come off as dull and boring. Luckily, concrete can now be stained, stenciled, stamped, textured and decorated. Choosing a perfect decorative concrete overlay is easy as Sundek of PA offers a wide range of colors and concrete resurfacing services that fit perfectly to what you want for your concrete patio. And if in case you have an existing patio that needs to be upgraded, durable decorative concrete overlays can be done to make it last long and look even better than it did before.

Patio Covers and Railings

Railings and overhead covers might be a good consideration for you. The railings can be a place for plants to climb so that they won’t obstruct your view. Railings can be made of iron, wood or formed plastic.

Overhead covers are important to use as shade for your patio. Some are permanently installed and some are retractable. To make your covers appear more attractive, you can cover the pillars with vines and other kinds of plants. Making it look luxurious amid the small space.

Patio Pots

What better way to decorate you small patio with pots and plants? You can put a cluster of various containers with a combination of colorful plants for a fully-decorated patio.

Patio Furniture

A small patio can still make use of furniture. Just remember to not use big and bulky pieces of furniture so that it won’t appear crowded. Keep in mind that you have other patio accessories that you’ll be using, so if you have a small space, make sure that the furniture would complement your patio, and not take the attention away from it. An open style of furniture would give an impression of a wider space.

Patio Lighting

If you want to use your patio at night for outdoor dining or entertainment, you should consider using patio lights. If your patio looks luxurious and elaborate during the day, you might as well do so during nighttime. A normal bulb won’t do. You have to use decorative outdoor lights for maximum effect. These types of lighting range from simple lanterns to complex bunches of fruit-like bulbs. They can even blend in with every type of season or holiday, depending on how you want it to be.

Patios for Outdoor Living

If you like the idea of converting your outdoor space into an outdoor room, you can weather-proof it by having rugs laid out. Usually they come in different colors and sizes that could fit your outdoor preferences quickly.

As you can see, there are lots of ideas to choose from. So whether you have a small patio or not, there many options that you could apply to your outdoor space that could make your home living experience even better.