Reviving Your Pool Deck Appearance

A practical and simple option for rejuvenating your Philadelphia pool deck is adding a decorative concrete pool deck coatings. These quality coatings are available in whatever color or pattern that you could ever imagine. And when installed by Sundek of PA, it’s a guarantee that it will last for years. An acrylic or decorative coating applied to your pool deck area increases its lifespan and makes it look new and hides all the minor cracks and other surface imperfections.

pool deck stain


Durability and Lifespan

Decorative concrete coatings and services in PA and surrounding areas used by Sundek of PA are guaranteed to last for a long time. Our high-quality products gives a new protective layer on top of an existing pool deck, eliminating the need to replace the surface completely and as we’ve already stated, it would last for many years to come. And if in case you want to expand your pool surround, it’s easy to add a new concrete surface that matches the decorative concrete coating. Selecting well-known products such as Sundek Sun Stone or Sundek Classic Texture is a good choice for your pool deck and we can install it efficiently for you.

 Creating Custom Looks

Some people contact us when they want to have their pool surrounds and pool decks look like its new again, while others want to have a custom look. With our various stamps and color choices, it so easy for us to give you whatever color you want for the concrete space. Working with quality colors and concrete staining can give you a lot of shades to choose from, each of which will last without fading away as long as you take care of it properly. Various texture designs can also be applied as a decorative concrete coating, based on the type of application selected. You can have us create custom stamps and designs or vary the thickness of the coating depending on how you want it to be.

 Hold Up, Here Are Some Things to Consider

You already know that adding any kind and application of a decorative concrete surface to your pool deck could revive and make it look better, our experienced professionals in the Philadelphia area want you to consider the following factors: always choose a slip-resistant surface such as Sundek Classic Texture for safety. Most of the coatings that Sundek of PA uses are slip-resistant, making it perfect around pools. Consider heat sensitivity. The majority of our products are cooler to touch than a standard concrete surface, but selecting colors should be done carefully as dark colors tend to absorb more heat.