Spring Inspired Patio Ideas

Spring is just around the corner. The birds are out chirping and flying from branch to branch. Flowers are blooming slowly but ever so elegantly. It is that time when hanging out on the patio is the best possible way to enjoy the season. To get your patio ready for this wonderful time of the year, here are some patio ideas you should definitely try.

floral patio designThink Floral

Spring is all about the blooming of flowers so what better way to incorporate the season than to add flowers into the setup. Flowering plants in pots are the easiest accessories you can add to the patio. If these are too high-maintenance for you, then opt for floral prints on curtains, tablecloths, or pillow covers.  There are concrete patio companies that have concrete stamps with floral designs. Or you can have concrete stamping contractors carve or engrave floral designs on the patio.




stamped concrete patterns PhillyAdd Patterns

There are a lot of fun patterns that can make the Spring season a lot more emphasized. Polka dots, stripes, floral, and more. These patterns can be incorporated into different fabric items. Don’t be scared using contrasting patterns in the same area. Just make sure that these come in matching or complementing colors. A stamped concrete patio is one of the best ways to incorporate patterns.




Yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, and probably every bright color in the palette is a great color to use for a Spring-inspired patio. The great thing about color is that it can easily be incorporated anywhere in the patio, from the roof all the way to the floor. You don’t need to use carpets or rugs to add color to the floor. Since this is an outdoor surface, the solution is to stain it in bright colors.

Concrete stains can be used on plain concrete surfaces or those that have just gone through concrete stamping. Paint your flower pots in a color of your preference. If you have wooden patio furniture, you may paint them, too. If you don’t wish to, then add some pillows or throws in bright colors to make the area a lot more inviting.