Adding Value to your Home with Stained Concrete

The humid subtropical climate of Philadelphia, PA is hot enough to make people want to spend more time outdoors by the pool. When winter season kicks in, it is cold enough for people to stay indoors. No matter the weather, every surface you walk on should be highly functional and utterly gorgeous to make every step an enjoyable experience. One of the best solutions to upgrade the look and quality of your home is to stain concrete floors. Now stop worrying about how much is concrete staining going to cost you. It produces luxurious and expensive-looking results at an affordable price.

Why Rely on a Stained Concrete Contractor

If you finally come to a decision to have your floors upgraded with a concrete stain application, don’t desire to do it yourself. Sure, there are lots of blogs and tutorials out there but the assessment of the floor and the preparation of the floor and the stain require expertise and experience. We offer two types of Sundek concrete staining products: Water-based and acid stains.

  • Water-Based Stain (SunH20) – This is a user-friendly product because it does not contain chemicals.  A stained concrete driveway, for one, could be best achieve with this concrete solution because this is ideal for residential and commercial projects that call for more consistent and more solid colors of concrete stain all throughout
  • Acid Stain (SunAcid) – This requires more cautious prepping and handling. Because it is acid-based, it reacts to the mineral content of the concrete and etches itself into the surface. This is perfect for any concrete patio idea which result is a unique and varied look on the floor that cannot be replicated.

Aside from having the right knowledge about stained concrete products, a professional contractor also has the skills and training required to apply the stain properly and efficiently. The floor is often assessed first to check if there is any damage that needs to be repaired beforehand. Then, the surface is prepared to make the absorption of the stain a lot more effective. The stain should then be applied in the right amount and in even layers. After all has dried, a sealer is applied to protect the stain and to make it look more polished. Sounds simple, but don’t kid yourself, not anyone can do it.

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Trusted Concrete Contractor in Philadelphia

Leaving the work to the experts guarantees exquisite results and less stress on your end. Instead of getting down and dirty with all the concrete staining work, why not use your precious time on other important matters like family? We at Sundek of PA are committed to share our expertise in decorative concrete services so our customers won’t have to worry about it. Our team of licensed Philadelphia installers has over 10 years of experience in this industry so you can rest assure that you will be getting only the best results at a more economical cost.

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