How to Stain an Indoor Concrete Floor


concrete-staining-plymouth-meeting-paStaining Concrete is an efficient way to create a home surface that is durable and easy to maintain. Concrete floors and counter tops can be applied with stained concrete complete with any shade or color you want for the surface. It adds warmth and value to the space and a great investment for your money.

In this article, we’ll be showing you the simplest way in applying stained concrete to your space. This is how we do it in Sundek of PA. Read on and be amazed and in the end, feel free to contact us at (610)624-4309 for a quality finish.

  1. Clear the area. All furniture and rugs and plants must be removed from your flooring. Do the same for counter tops. You wouldn’t want your stuff to be compromised right?
  2. Here comes the Sandman! This for the surface to be smoothen out any rough spots and leave a uniform look to the surface. Sanding may also remove previous finishing (if there is) applied to your floor. It’s easier to stain concrete this way.
  3. Clean the Concrete. Sweep or vacuum the area to remove loose particles. Then mop the floor with a cleaning product for use with concrete. Allow the concrete to dry before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Tape off the concrete area. Use painter’s tape to stick along the baseboards of the room. You can also use it if you’re staining a concrete counter top. It protects the wall surface behind the counter.
  5. Stain Concrete. Pump the stain in even strokes onto the concrete. Make sure that the surface is completely coated without any puddles on it. Allow the first coat to set and proceed with the second and third according to the design you want.
  6. Seal Concrete. Once the stain’s all good, the surface needs a concrete sealant to be applied on it. Allow the sealant to set and dry before you bring back all your stuff in the area.


  • There are also kits that include stencils that is used to make a pattern on the concrete after staining dries and sealed. This creates an illusion of a floor covering that’s similar to an area rug.
  • Experimenting on a floor corner before the staining allows you to see exactly how it would look like and how many coats it would take for you to achieve the desired effect.

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