Stamped Concrete Patterns for Patio Makeover

The patio is an important area of a house. It is an outdoor living space where people can hang out, relax, and entertain guests. It is important to keep the concrete surface in good condition so as to enhance the enjoyment and comfort of those using it. This is what decorative concrete resurfacing is for. One of the most popular patio makeover solutions is the use of a stamped concrete overlay. It is aesthetic, durable, and economical. What’s not to like? Here are some of the most popular patterns that stamped concrete patio contractors offer:

aslar stamped concrete pattern PhillyAshlar

This features the pattern of finely cut masonry. It shows a pattern of individual stones with edges cut to a straight line. The stones are in random sizes but all with hard, finely cut edges. This pattern can be stamped on plain concrete and then sealed. But some prefer the pattern to be incorporated with a stained concrete overlay, with each stone having different hues or different shades of one color.

fractured slate stamped pattern PhillyFractured Slate

This pattern aims to mimic the look of a dense, fine-grained metamorphic rock. Slate, when broken or fractured, retains its natural stone look because it maintains its almost flat surface. Expansion joints or score lines can be added to the overlay with this pattern. It can be left gray or stained with a bluish purple or bluish green color to replicate the stone more accurately.


cobblestone stamped pattern PhillyCobblestone

Cobblestone is a naturally rounded rock used on roads in the olden times. Each stone is larger than a pebble but not as big as a boulder. These stones are laid out on streets and then sealed in place with mortar. This pattern looks good on patios, adding a bit of classic paving beauty to it.


flagstone stamped pattern PhillyFlagstone

Flagstone, or flat stone, is known for its thin slab-like appearance, It is naturally flat so there isn’t much need to trim it down to a walkable surface. These are cut randomly and looks better with irregular shapes. The stamped flagstone pattern makes the patio look natural without the expensive cost that comes with real stone. This is often stained to achieve a more realistic aesthetic.

brick stamped pattern PhillyBrick

Probably the most common paving material used on patios, brick is also available for a stamped overlay surface. These are easier to do since the pattern is quite equal and uniform all throughout. This pattern can also be used as a border or frame around the patio area.